Thursday, December 19, 2013

After a few days on Gamcha we would then proceed to the village, but the day was the strike so hard

The trip to Soiya this time was extra chaotic because Nepal is about to complete its new constitution. This meant that anyone who in any way had even the slightest to say had declared a strike. In Nepal, a strike no closing of roads for cars and preferably washing machines for sale also stores - fair impractical washing machines for sale for us who were planning to drive from Kathmandu to Soiya, a trip that goes through seven districts, each with their extensive strike program.
We ended up buying domestic fares for the whole gang, this time consisted of my mother, my two boys, Anjali (who is 8 years old and comes from Soiya, but go to school in Kathmandu with the help of friends), my friend Judy and then of course Musahars consultant Pooja. Before we went to the south, we were out on Søbogaards organic farm project washing machines for sale Gamcha. It is thought that the seamstresses in Soiya about to start organic farming when not sewing.
After a few days on Gamcha we would then proceed to the village, but the day was the strike so hard that we could not even get a tourist taxi! We therefore had to change plane tickets for the following day and fingers crossed! Next day went a little better, we got a taxi very early in the morning and was even fortunate enough to persuade Gamchas manager mr. Dhunagana to take with us.
"Oh wow," said Anjali when she heard we were going to fly. Quite an experience for a little girl who grew up in a mud hut in the tiny Soiya. The flight went fine, but when we arrived there were no taxis at all. In front of the airport building washing machines for sale held a military-trucks and three rickshaws and that was it, and so the 40 degree heat!
After some chatter and ring to hotels, we had to hire 5 rickshaws for ourselves and all our luggage washing machines for sale and then just put your nose against a hotel 20 km down the road .... the plan was to wait to see if the road would be opened in the evening.
Every time we came to a roadblock cried the young pickets "challau" (kør!), laughed and greeted us. I was as always a feeling that these strikes are a kind of celebration for young unemployed boys (who have nothing better to do!). Well, we inched our way down the road - and after 3 hours I thought "it can not get worse" - but it ku it! Up from the roadside came two very influenced pickets, scolded our drivers glory from to run with us, gave one a flat and took all our valves! So we had to go .... But luckily it did not take long before we came to a small bazaar where we got help in the form of new valves and moral support - both for free - that's the Nepal also Well arrived at the hotel, we went started to search for a jeep, and at mr. Dunghanas help it went reasonably smoothly, so when the time. was 9 in the evening we finally rolled against Soiya. Everyone was happy although we also thought: How the heck do we get back again .... (?)
At Menuka, our newlyweds coordinator had come a little nephew. Radha, Menukas beautiful and super cute sister was the mother of a little boy. "Now I have two boys," as Menukas easier washing machines for sale eccentric mother cheered.
In Soiya all was well. The ladies have spent the past month to make the sweetest fruit bags: A joint project of sewing, school feeding project, washing machines for sale where proceeds go to school lunches. The bags are designed washing machines for sale by Susan Liebe and includes a nice little cartoon designed by Line Pawelczyk Søndergaard.
Vertical gardens Besides the glorious fruit bags for Danish children, we must also have time in vegetables for the ladies and their families. My big dream is to make vertical gardens both in the village and at school, thus enhancing food security washing machines for sale / income in the village. Initially we spent most time on the land claim. Our nice øko.ekspert mr. Dhungana think our ladies were a little tiresome: Former bonded laborers are not just people who throw themselves into the arms of others and raver resources for themselves the kind of lets the high-caste Brahmans on, so when there is a guy from Kathmandu in white shirt so the skeptical and the vision he was so annoying. Meen we got when talked a lot about compost with cow dung in and made a fine now compost washing machines for sale pile in Renus garden. Renu is actually usually a little hard or rather her husband is luddoven and when he does something he keep all the money themselves, so she's always in trouble. But she is one of those who still had compost 2 years after our first course, so she is so interested in his garden, so we started with her. As always, it turned out that there were more problems than just compost. Renus soil is very low, since the village is literally washing machines for sale located on the roadside, so we had to first fill retrieve soil with tractor and fill up on.
The next step is getting into bamboo washing machines for sale baskets and to hang up in the stands and use some of the compost there. When hanging baskets up that one can really grow more in less space and space is not exactly the Soiya have most of!
While we have worked with fruit bags and new gardens

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