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Just go and see with their own eyes. In all

At the University of Salento there is a tried and tested philips w732 system of internal recycling, despite the entity has, between students and administrative staff, philips w732 a population of 21 273 individuals. Despite producing waste as a small city.
The reasons for this failure are varied. The fact that the university facilities fall within the competence philips w732 of most municipalities makes an already complex organization. The Ecotekne based in science, and is legal in the territory of Monteroni, humanities headquarters are in the town of Lecce. philips w732 This makes sure that the expertise in collection management in university is divided among different companies: waste dell'Ecotekne are managed by the Monteco, those structures internal to the university town of Lecce are the responsibility of Ecotecnica and Axa . So much for the two biggest centers of the university, because then the institution has other smaller branches in other municipalities. A messy situation from the point of view of management and the design of an efficient system. What's the answer? The solution would be more intuitive: with an efficient philips w732 control room "internal" to the University for the collection of waste. But in this sense, the University of Salento has some flaw. In this regard, the project location "zero waste in university" is a very clear example to understand the difficulties of the university to manage this issue.
While the Italian universities philips w732 were put up with the times, in the academic structures salting the collection was a step forward for a long time unknown. A lack that maybe you would still be prolonged in time if it was not for the environmental organization Culturambiente philips w732 that, in 2007, he decided to propose a project of recycling Ateneo led by Domenico Laforgia. A project "zero cost" (apart from a few hundred euro for a day of awareness) based on the collaboration between the University, the towns of Lecce and Monteroni and companies involved in the collection of waste. The City Council began to provide the composters, the company La Cascina, head of the canteens, introduced durable dishes and dishes while companies Ecotecnica, Monteco Axa and they increased the number of waste pickers. Even Romeo Management, which is responsible for cleaning internal university bought two thousand "lunettes" function to separate the waste into the thousands of baskets "basket" (but in reality "gettatutto" present in classrooms and offices) . Everything was advertised with great fanfare, local media spoke in positive tones of a University that it would no longer produce waste (video). A great spot and nothing more. A few years later, we can say that the success of the single "Zero Waste in the University" is represented by the introduction in the canteens of cutlery steel and ceramic plates. Certainly a small (and revolutionary) signal at the time when referring throwaway, but just outside of the canteens, the results are not seen. And you do not see, beyond the success or failure of a project funded zero, an overall policy of reducing philips w732 the environmental impact of the waste produced by the University of Salento.
Just go and see with their own eyes. In all'Ecotekne University philips w732 as well as many that should contain organic waste composters are dilapidated and full of glass bottles and plastic cups. Many binders for paper and plastic philips w732 are full of waste of all kinds. The managers of the bar of the Palace Codacci Pisanelli have compensated for the lack of bins sticking signs on the bins of ice cream: "Glass" and "Plastic and cans." At Good Shepherd, the situation is no better: the pickers are all bunched at the entrance. On the other two floors of the building philips w732 if they are not. "I have to get me a flight of stairs if you want to throw the paper into a trash differently. Above I have not ever seen one, "says a student. On the ground floor of Experimental Tobacco There are three containers of paper and plastic, on the second floor instead there is no trace of the collection. In offices you throw everything in common trash. "It 's true that public servants do everything but do not ask us to do even the differentiated" exclaims an employee. One of his colleague explains - or tries to make us drink his version - that the building exists a kind of "self": "We throw everything in the trash, then the workers are cleaning that need to segregate the waste." However, even the most zealous of the cleaners will have difficulty separating the waste basket lady, full of papers soaked by spilled coffee from a plastic cup.
Moving all'Ecotekne the situation does not change. In the vicinity of the plexus of Engineering there are two dumpsters full of trash bags with

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