Friday, December 27, 2013

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Oristano: launch of the free service inspectorate for a mycological collection of fungi aware | Mediterranews
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Rain and warmth of autumn fill the woods and pine mushrooms also Oristano. With the first rains in the country there is already a considerable amount lavanderia of wild mushrooms. To avoid poisoning or unpleasant moments is necessary to recognize lavanderia the edible mushroom from what not.
In Sardinia it is also true there are very few poisonous mushrooms, or 1% of the known species. In this regard, the Inspectorate mycological ASL 5 of Oristano fielding a free service offered by the Service of Food Hygiene and Nutrition, throughout the season you can request a free consultation lavanderia by appointment.
To take advantage of the advice you need to take control of the Inspectorate picked lavanderia mushrooms mycology, particularly those whose edibility 'you have doubts, it guarantees to be able to consume the entire crop in peace' and security and to avoid poisoning that may prove even lethal.
The mushrooms must be submitted to the Inspectorate in baskets and rigid perforated, possibly by species, and must be whole, fresh, lavanderia clean and well kept. It 'also need to bring along' the entire crop and not just a sample, 'cause among those not controlled could hide a specimen is not edible.
It 'good to know that mushrooms should always cooked and never eaten in large quantities as they may also cause allergies, lavanderia however, the collection lavanderia must be aware of, prevent the collection of mushrooms too young or too ripe, moldy or altered and pay attention to those who grow up in pollution risk areas near landfills, roads, high traffic areas treated with pesticides.
When you collect the fungus is necessary to gently detach the body from the ground and carry them in baskets and rigid perforated to facilitate the spread of spores. If instead you are experiencing troubles after eating mushrooms, you should go immediately to the emergency room, carrying with it any leftover meal to allow health care to promptly identify the causes of the problem.
In addition to the control of the harvest, the Inspectorate mycological Asl also ensures sanitary certifications edibility of wild fresh mushrooms for sale to the detail and to the administration, certifications that are mandatory for the catering and retail trade and wholesale trade, which must also have attended the courses organized by the Inspectorate Mycological and received lavanderia the certificate of fitness that will enable the sale and administration of fresh mushrooms spontaneous. Inspectors in the mycological four locations where you can request an appointment:
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