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The next morning they had prepared Honda

21/4-07. We took a morgenbus to Dalat, a cozy mountain village located 1500 meters high in Vietnam's southern highlands. We were immediately greeted by a few older men who told us that they were both Easyriders. It is a group of men from Dalat, which are driving tourists around the country in their old motorcycles. At the same time they act as personal guides and interpreters of the trip. We had been recommended to them in the warmest several places, and we therefore did not hesitate to agree to take two of them, An and Hiep, on a three-day trip with the end in Nha Trang day.
The next morning they had prepared Honda'erne, including replaced sprocket and chain, and soon we were off. First stop was the Crazy House in Da Lat, a strange building with winding corridors and stairs everywhere, oblique walls and windows and rooms without a right angle. It was a bit like that move about in a forvreddet world of Alice in Wonderland. Here it is Sofie and the bear in "bjoernevaerelset".
Then we headed north on out of town. Did short stay at a nursery and distances so through frigidaire gallery dishwasher a beautiful landscape of green mountains and lush valleys. frigidaire gallery dishwasher Did many entertained along the way and each time told An and Hiep the territory's frigidaire gallery dishwasher history and economy and explained frigidaire gallery dishwasher how people in the region lived in different ways. Many had coffee plantations and lived well from what you have for after the war found that the highlands is ideal for coffee cultivation, frigidaire gallery dishwasher and Vietnam now exports large quantities of coffee to the world. Other living frigidaire gallery dishwasher by weaving bamboo baskets, producing arak or brick, or grow black pepper, rice, tea, or fruit, or work in the rubber plantation. Some were also engaged in silk production, which we were pleased to see all the stages of - from larva to finished fabric. The first night we ended up at Lak Lake, a remote sea surrounded by mountains on all sides. We ate dinner on a floating frigidaire gallery dishwasher restaurant and spent the night in a traditional longhouse for ourselves. The next day we visited map one of the many minority villages in the area, and then we got a cruise in a carved frigidaire gallery dishwasher tree trunk at sea. Every afternoon there came a proper rain rinse with thunder and lightning, but luckily our always thoughtful frigidaire gallery dishwasher guides ready with rain cover in assorted pastel colors, so we unabashedly frigidaire gallery dishwasher able to continue our trip. Everywhere we arrived the landscape was incredibly beautiful, and we also visited several waterfalls (and bathed in one of them). The last day we came through a barren mountainous area and An and Hiep told that it could not grow anything because the Americans during the Vietnam War had spread toxic defoliant in the plot to reveal Viet Cong'ernes hiding places. Although it's about 40 years ago is still poison accumulated in the underground, so when the trees have a certain size and roots thus close sufficiently far down the door. On the whole, there are many traces of the war, and today used the roots of the many dead trees for furniture and sculptures. Others earn their livelihood by low working tools of bomb debris. We had a fantastic trip with An and Hiep, they were some good guides and took us many places as we had not come without them. They taught us a lot about Vietnam (you could mark that they had both been school teachers). Definitely the best trip we even have been in this country.
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