Sunday, December 22, 2013

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Deciduous in hip-hop :2011-09-28 17:51 of prose Source: | prose author: Zhang Xiudong Click: hard to digest, the shape of the leaves, as well as its robust growth, new balance sale, as well as the later decreasing suave demeanor. This time of year, it does not bring a little nostalgia, without a trace of regret very calm, uphold justice like nature, a little sense of life, sometimes more like their own to show, not a little swagger, silently, silently landing . The annual autumn strong, blowing the leaves rustling fall. Always do not want to see this scene, always feel a little gloomy autumn, but considering it is able to resist the law, and realize that this is beyond the outcome of the match, so the leaves may relax their vigilance, presumptuous mood, hands and give in If you do not, but also gnaw. Yellow leaves reluctantly leave the limbs, but they could not do anything but to associate with the ground, into Chunni security guard had roots that once beautiful flowers. Green leaves, unable to meet with the howling autumn wind blows Dikangdezhu, still in the game, stay in the trees here in a while, after all, it's their home, weak constitution, known for always roots he deliberately separated from the main body, shakes the foundation best front load washer came to the tree to snuggle once warm Baotuan cohesion and interpretation of the new brilliant. Floor before the leaves have issued a collective sound Xixisuosuo appear in a last goodbye, they like during the coming year appointment until the time when the leaves turn green, nike free run, if not the same magazine, but still the same kind of calls you. The fall to the ground, the vehicle swept away, shouting, crying, even though their own pieces, but also to justify their existence, autumn wind blows, you must enter the ground, and not be afraid best front load washer that the original clean, had integrated into one, waiting for the new reincarnation, and then a senile old farmer carrying a bamboo basket came and all those classified basket will soon be accompanied by a black slime volatile gives more radiant light and heat, your hip-hop, nike, chase or scare away little daughter little girls cycling ... leave hip-hop that people elated, looked at it, changing many hands they book the flight without guidance, without the director's great actor, leaves feel very comfortable, cozy, especially best front load washer as it thought it was the afterlife, witness to human grand, looks human elegance move, detects the local customs and human witnessed some short life, should be fulfilled. One writer said, deciduous best front load washer good dance because it knows that the once green and it is not at all afraid of being forgotten. Austrian case, a good dance magazines do not have any complaints because its experience has shown the value of life. Praise [prose edit: prose Online]
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