Thursday, February 20, 2014

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Did you know that in America there is a laundry? And it turns out, laundry - an integral part of American cities. The fact that in some apartment complexes, especially prixe if one-room, washing machines simply do not, and can not install the machine itself. So laundry is in almost every area. I always wondered - in a country where convenience and kamfort on one of the first places - lack of such an elementary pleasure as windshield + drying. At the weekend, on the road to the park, looked at one of these laundries: prixe Well, look inside ... 1. General: prixe 2. Washing machines: 3. Dryers: prixe 4. Here's prixe a machine for payment. Judging by the inscription - it is a pleasure $ 1.75 5. While belishko erased, prixe you can sit and look through magazines 6. Various warning signs: No smoking, alcohol drinking is not ... If that happens, no one is responsible for anything ... 7. Bags and washing powders can be bought here: 8. And while there is a process - you can taste the chips with gazirovochkoy: Enjoy washing!
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more convenient to take your dirty laundry, take him to the laundry protorchat there for several hours until it is erased, then dry, then still unclear iron wrong there same, or at home. than just run into the washing machine and go about their business?
Well, actually in the same America (in most states) only rather expensive appartmetnah (or if more than 2-bedrum) usually windshield-drying directly in the apartment and in the mainstream - a common laundry room in appartmetn komples (paid, which is typical ). In the small appartmet komples usually owners and territories do not have to laundry (total), and very often those who rent apartments in the private prixe beysmentah prixe Domon not bother installing stiralki for tenants. So there is someone to wash in urban ladromatah :) Puteshestvuschim again :)
Yes, all it is ... the way, I wanted to write that "in most apartment complexes," but decided not to generalize, wrote "some" prixe :-))) And for traveling, so it's all a big blessing ! :)
But I'm not even remember in Russia such - self-service. Sometimes while I identity in laundry prixe drags, in St. Petersburg, but there was no self-service. There had to be taken by all and take, usually the next day ...
Can thus limit water consumption in homes? Water in Building prixe appartment usually included in the rent. Without washing prixe machines deshevle.Poetomu in private homes, where their water need to pay out of pocket, prixe no restrictions on the washing machine does not. After washing laundry in such things no one pats and they look respectively. So what treasure became Renting cleaning: always perfectly ironed and much longer lifetime.
I went into the habit of cleaning pass so quickly and easily, and still can, because next to us is quite inexpensive. Laundry on your photos can only rejoice-so clean and comfortable. We have gradually become Chinese, and in the sense of cleanliness and modern type comparison is not in their favor. Before that, even loved laundry opposite the house for comfort, cleanliness and modern comfort. Now, you can not learn, prixe do not want to go once again. With home washing is certainly not going to compare, but we have a ban on in-house washing machine.
Yeah, that's why all the people .... I still litter the windshield with luck - and in the first place, and now - the windshield prixe right in quartiles ... although home laundry, especially drying, spoil the good things, it would be better to clean pass, but too lazy to trudge.
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