Monday, February 24, 2014

Did I wrote that they have something wrong? In my live in perfect harmony. Here are a couple posts

Read in "Novaya Gazeta" interview with not something ge washer parts new, not the old culture minister. Used probably ge washer parts be the right thing. With a pretty ambitious title "demonstrate compliance". Although proven in my opinion, in this case only one. The "Say what you will, and I had offered you all dick." The most interesting thing in every interview he naturally ge washer parts questioner. Benefit heroine immediately warned that loves to tell the truth. And did not disappoint. And then there was, in fact, the truth itself. I will not wag once again the words of the minister - who wants to read himself. Only share their personal experience. The minister of culture absolutely no idea of the cultural layer. The fact that culture is primarily the fact that you created before. Such an idea has developed probably due to contact ge washer parts with modern creators. Representatives ge washer parts of creative unions and those who used to be called architects. Which is quite natural. These people, first and foremost ge washer parts need to push and its principle of "Shakespeare does not cross Sophocles' not for them. Because you want to eat. And do not carry bags. For these people Rybakov her statement that culture should drag up - their minister. Because this approach will always and projects and subsidies. And cuts, kickbacks, which is already there ... But what about those who believe that culture should provide ge washer parts a basis? Footing? Does not work, that while we strive to create a new value of which is still unknown, but most often is already known, we lose the values that had before. Rybakov ge washer parts is proud that it has allocated money to young writers and they have already been published. Who read it? And even more people who read it? Not be better to use a little effort to popularize the same Edward Kondratova or Vladimir Burtovoi? And take care about the image of the region. I think it is no secret that the Samara region has long called the "black hole" in the cultural life of the Volga region. Deservedly, incidentally called. Just look at the state of the culture in the same Saratov, Ulyanovsk, I'm not talking about Tatarstan. And the last. Cultural policy in the regions now assumed ge washer parts that in Soviet times was called ge washer parts ideology. And passed on to another agency. By the way, responsible for the ideology was the second person in the party hierarchy. Think nothing? Then why the USSR collapsed long ago, vanished CPSU and their ideology alive and kicking? ge washer parts Because honored ge washer parts covenant that left his heirs still formidable sotryasatel universe Genghis Khan "win souls and their bodies are not going anywhere." So Merkoushkin yet to thank Konstantin friend a present for this
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Did I wrote that they have something wrong? In my live in perfect harmony. Here are a couple posts below for an example of such love - Christ Cathedral Syzran. The achievements of our Ministry of Culture ge washer parts in the protection of monuments and historic buildings is much written ge washer parts
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