Monday, February 17, 2014

Dry-cleaning should jupiter hospital occupy an area which can be divided into 5 sectors: reception,

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Natural human need to wear clean clothes and use clean linen for the person jupiter hospital turns into a headache. To sort, wash, iron the clothes and the clothes need to allocate time, easier access to laundry facilities. jupiter hospital Laundry facilities are also necessary pre-school establishments and caterers. Therefore laundry cleaning today, demanded business.
To arrange a laundry plant requires special machines for laundry washing and drying. As well as ironing equipment, and mesh bags for washing trucks, shelving, chemicals and packaging bags. In total, the purchase jupiter hospital of equipment you will need 155 thousand rubles, another 45 thousand rubles consumed on rent, salaries, advertising.
Dry-cleaning should jupiter hospital occupy an area which can be divided into 5 sectors: reception, storage and sorting laundry, laundry, drying, ironing, packaging, jupiter hospital and delivery of clean laundry. It is worth noting that modern equipment silently, allowing even open laundry in the apartment building.
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