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In the selected room is necessary to make the division into working sector, each of which will be m

More recently, self-service laundry or laundry factories with their reception centers were quite commonplace. Then firms offering similar services started to leave the market and niche that was once almost entirely filled, became empty.
And now, with very recently started to appear mini-laundry - a good investment, which brings its owner very good dividends. The license for this type of activity is not required and gradually mini-laundry again begin to return to the services washer market, day after day, finding increasing popularity.
Based on the planned number of equipment, which will have a laundry room, as well as the load of the work area required is determined by the company premises. The best option is to start the project by 25-30 sq.m. - Weight of such premises, and due to the fact that modern technology used for washing clothes small dimensions and high level soundproofing, mini-laundry can equip even in homes.
A number of requirements and fire inspection Sanepidemstantsii to premises, which may be located laundry, is not complicated and rapidly washer performed, even in a rented room. For example, the floor tiles must be applied, and must be trimmed tiled wall space to a height of at least two meters. Electrical equipment should comply with existing building codes and RB. Laundry is seen as a room with high humidity.
In the selected room is necessary to make the division into working sector, each of which will be made accordingly acceptance, storage and sorting laundry, linen provided laundry, drying, then - ironing, and finally - the packaging, washer storage and delivery washer of clean laundry already.
Equipment selection should be based on who will be your main customer, what will be the load capacity of the enterprise, as well as the regularity of incoming orders washer and the area leased under the mini-laundry room.
Equipment for such mini-laundry available, both domestic and various washer foreign manufacturers. The price range is huge - you can pick up equipment from almost anyone, even the most modest start-up capital. Standard set for start-up ventures - washing machine (one or more), tumble dryer and ironing equipment. Just need shelving for linen, nets and bags for packaging opportunities, supplies laundry trolleys.
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