Monday, February 17, 2014

With the growing prosperity and decreasing free time urban residents appear harmful, according to t

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With the growing prosperity and decreasing free time urban residents appear harmful, according to the sellers washing machine wont erase things in the laundry room and not at home. Service price is low, uncomfortable in a home washing things quickly become clean and ironed, and whimsical things here will arrange dry cleaning not available at home. Important advantages of such facilities - convenient location and time, ease of placing the order, and the ideal laundry room is located near the client's home and works around the clock. It offers such a service DashLocker, a network of reception and delivery of items for laundry and dry cleaning services. "Make" competitors the company intends to start in the business place of the world - in Manhattan.
The company develops since 2012 in New York, a network of reception maytag dryer parts and delivery of clothing in two formats: outdoor point-to-shop and placed in an apartment building to serve its residents. Cleaning and washing DashLocker accepted clothing, footwear, bedding, pillows and more.
DashLocker customer to register and look for the most comfortable of branded points of acceptance of things. Reception centers operate around the clock without the staff here instead priemschitsa only lockers maytag dryer parts for things with programmable combination locks. The key to penetrate the dry cleaners walking distance is a plastic card payment client; same with her before getting clean things will be debited for the services of service.
Leaving free cell bag with dirty things, registered client simply lock the locker and wait. Have to wait for about two days when SMS report on readiness of the order and give information about cell delivery point and lock code. DashLocker client identifier is usually a corporate suit bag fitted with a unique label.
Most particularly busy or lazy citizens can order the delivery of clean things to your home or office. For customer convenience, laundry facilities are also provided maytag dryer parts online account, where you can see your order status and history of washings and cleanings every thing to make specific recommendations for cleaning items, etc.
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