Sunday, March 16, 2014

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WHISTLER (Manager): - It has never been wrong to be Norwegian curling man in Canada. Right now it's really fun, too. We look forward bad to play on Saturday, says Pål Trulsen the online newspaper.
Trulsen, yes. The legendary ship that ruled Norway to gold at the Olympics in Salt Lake. Now he sports director for a new party playing isbrigade. Led by Thomas Ulsrudvann took the gang in the night probably an Olympic final in curling by beating Switzerland 7-5 in the semifinals.
- The Swiss skipper (Ralph Stökli) strikes at a couple of possibilities to two-pointers early in the game. After that I felt we had full control. Switzerland plays defensively and will have to take care of their chances, if not lose them against our boys, says Trulsen. the washing line
Blames pants with Canadian victory in the second semi-final against Sweden, both the host nation and the neutral viewer get their dream final with the Norwegian curlingklovnene the washing line on the opposite side of the estate. the washing line
- It is possible to beat them. Canadians are very good, but it is the Norwegian the washing line team as well. They must endure to be favorites, but they will struggle to beat us.
- I think it's important to enjoy that one at all given the chance to participate in the Olympic final. It's not everyone who gets it. It can easily be both serious and a little dangerous, but should try to prevent gravity takes over. There is no doubt that our boys are good enough to hang with on the ice. Now we have to keep spirits up.
Free flow of ladies pledge sport boss free flow of both girlfriends, wives, mothers and fathers in the Norwegian camp on the way to the final. But when it comes to celebration is Trulsen (preliminary) the washing line string.
- Kevin Martin has probably the washing line been thinking about this since losing eight years ago. I do not think there is anything he has more desire to win in the world than this. I do not think it hurt him that it is the Norway he meets.
- It has taken eight years to get back, but this feels really good. It will definitely not be the end of the world if we were to lose the final, but I have terrible desire to climb the very top of the podium this time.
- For Canadians, this means more than gold in every one of skiing, perhaps with the exception of the Olympic Downhill. Hockey gold is the most important thing, but I actually think curling is in a good second place, says Trulsen.
- They say at least it yourself. This is one of the few sports that is so utterly dominated by one nation, at least on the men's side. Of the 50 best curling teams in the world, 40 of them Canadian, he adds.
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