Wednesday, March 19, 2014

- An increase of five percent in the country

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This week freed Reputation best washing machines Institute, a consulting firm based in New York and Copenhagen, a list of the countries with the best reputation. The rating is based on a survey of 27,000 participants in the G8 countries, which is the eight largest economies in the world.
Norway fifth Norway landed in fifth place and was thus beaten by Sweden who got second place. Finland and Denmark also ranked high on the list respectively the eighth and sixth.
- An increase of five percent in the country's reputation translates into an increase best washing machines of twelve percent of the country's tourism best washing machines revenue, says Nicolas Georges by Reputation Institute to Forbes.
Think better about themselves survey also shows that many countries believe themselves that they have a far better reputation than the rest of the world seems to think. Russia's best washing machines internal reputation best washing machines turns out to be 33 percentage points higher than the external reputation suggests.
Spain's internal reputation, however, is seven percentage points lower than the external reputation suggests. This reflects the fact that the land is very good for tourism, while the Spaniards have lost a lot of confidence in his own country as a result of growing unemployment.
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