Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Great Web page Tweet We are well known for combining beautiful design and innovative functionali

My Great Web page Tweet We are well known for combining beautiful design and innovative functionality, so we now present two unusual and elegant designs for covers for ironing boards - Cherry blossom (cherry blossom) and Gecko. According to research, aeg power solutions the average person spends almost six years cleaning the house and doing chores, so we decided to bring a touch of glamor to the board! Netherlands stylist aeg power solutions Gerda Elznaar has developed a feminine line of cherry blossom. This design won an international award for the best 2011 years of floral design and Gerda says: "A pleasant smell of clean linen inspired me for pictures with fresh spring flowers. Iron for your clothes with spring freshness." Another new design Gecko provides a sharp, modern look in the occasional blue, gray and black. The creator of this design is Liz Roques, and used this motif to symbolize the arrival of summer. This design aeg power solutions is available on covers for ironing boards and covers for Rotary drying machine. David Slater, Sales Director at Brabantia, said: "We Brabantia we wanted to do ironing aeg power solutions pleasant iskkustvom. aeg power solutions Pictures of animals aeg power solutions and flowers are a big hit in the world of fashion design and interior design, aeg power solutions so why do not you furnish your home the latest trends?" Both covers are made of 100% cotton. Cherry blossom ironing board a carrier for iron (usually or steam), measuring aeg power solutions 124 x 38 cm and has a beige legs and frame. Gecko ironing board is available with a carrier for iron (usually or steam) or with a carrier for a steam station, measuring 124 x 38 cm and has a gray metal legs and frame. Brabantia products can be purchased in our store or webshop with our authorized dealers.

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