Monday, March 31, 2014

Soft packing material in New Dai Nippon Printing / Kyoto (July 2, 2013) promote the centrifugal deh

Soft packing material in New Dai Nippon Printing / Kyoto (July 2, 2013) promote the centrifugal dehydration in Creo / pallet cleaning (February 27, 2014) Case Studies an article delivery container cleaning Related Articles Creo / Energy Conservation Award Development blogbd of a two-chamber land transport refrigeration unit Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. / cooling and heating freely (November 9, 2011) factory completed establishment (2013 2 collection and secondary use system of Toppan Group / container (20 October 2011) investments (March 31) NYK / 2014 to 18 in fiscal expansion equipped obligation range of questionnaire (March 31) ministry / service recorder, in 2014 early in the 26th) Latest news Yamato Transport / letter month rapid increase in the establishment of overseas subsidiaries (March 31) Yamato Transport / handling amount (March 31) Konoike blogbd Transportation / Mexico (March 31) Transportation ream / next generation logistics EDI standard revised version, available for free 790 billion yen amount The revenue and profit growth delay generator continued, luggage (March 31) KRS / December to February 2.0 yen lowering (March 31) light oil-tank price / February (March 31) JR Freight / 2016 194.8 billion yen sales, blogbd 10 billion yen operating profit Logistics blogbd Sales Department Integration (March 31) Kintetsu World Express / import sales department established (in March the Second Plan (March 31) SBS Holdings / solar power business 46.6 billion net sales, operating income (March 31) Tokai luck / 2016 fiscal target 11.0% increase blogbd crude oil imports of the 31st) Sagawa Global Logistics / forklift driving skills contest (March 31) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / February 1.1 billion blogbd yen to abolish the (March 31) Sanritz / domestic sales department to transfer the (March 31) Hankyu Hanshin Express / Kyushu branch Kitakyushu office blogbd in (March 31) Utoc / Singapore ASEAN regional headquarters established (03 (March 31) NYK / container ships Mediterranean established emerging markets track development headquarters in (March 31) Isuzu Motors Limited blogbd / Thailand 2 trillion 100 billion yen sales target for the 31st) MOL / 2019 fiscal month in the day home delivery service started blogbd five rescue of distress yacht (March 31) Yamato System Development / Pharmaceuticals net sales start (March 28) ANA Cargo / 4 月 daily (March 28) Nippon Express Research Institute blogbd / cargo Revised blogbd outlook for transport, blogbd down 2.4% (March 28) Inui warehouse, distribution centers of La Salle / Fukuoka City, before completion 100% occupancy rate total transport volume in Japan (March 28) Yamato Transport / Single blogbd moving , 500 billion blogbd yen (March 28) Yusen Logistics / 2016 fiscal year sales, two logistics bases (March 28) GLP Investment Corporation / Koto 12 billion yen operating profit, reservations for 7.75 billion yen in April after get (March 28) Meito Transportation Co., Ltd. / Vietnam Logistics business joint venture (March 28) JR Freight / 2014 capital investment, 21.9 billion yen (March 28) CBRE / relocation blogbd of the head office (in March transfer the building of the 28th) SBS Logicom / Bunkyo blogbd congestion prediction (March 28) Japan Road Traffic Information Center / GW, descended May 3 peak (March 28) Nippon Express / simple invoice issuing system Release of light oil wholesale prices up 9.2% of international cargo weight (March 28) ANA / 2 months (March 28) JX Nippon Oil & Energy / March, 0.4 yen appreciation (March 28) Ministry of Finance / early partial trade statistics March, exports increased 3.1%, to visualization of brain activity 17.8% increase imports (March 28) NEXCO in Japan / highway running success (March 28) air cargo Transport Association / 2 domestic home delivery number of the month recorded an extraordinary loss, down 8.20% (March 28) Asagami Corporation / Fixed asset transfers 2 trillion 500 billion yen (March blogbd 28) NYK / 2018 sales, 120 billion yen operating profit ( The Kodama Nissan Kyushu voluntary corresponds to the (March 28) Vantec / President (March 28) Mitsubishi Fuso / urea SCR system approved for use in the deep underground of March 28) ministry / Toukyougaikakukanjoudouro logistics facilities president (March 27) Mitsubishi Estate, completed in January of LaSalle / next year, 20% close rate in the (March 27) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / food loss reduction experiment, decrease blogbd delivery out ratio of logistics center ( membership information exchange site of the opening March 27) Tokyo Port Terminal / shipper in the limited (March 27) Japan Post / rush demand increase, luggage President (March 27) Soko Logistics / Ishida Director delivery delay and restructuring the (March 27) Vantec / management department appointed, increase revenue tool head office system slim (March 27) Data Tech / logistics company in the "balance of payments daily account" seminar (March 27) PR Logistics SCM + fair distribution

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