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Space in the building to treat in the world of architecture and air conditioning (air conditioning)

Saturated amount of water vapor capable of air per volume of 1m 3 includes are as follows: normal temperature range. State of the gas is determined pressure, fensa volume, and absolute temperature. And a saturated amount of water vapor when it is secured 1013.25hPa pressure within its. In other words I'm not intended for air in the container was sealed That said unit volume. We believe in a box made of a wire mesh of a cube of side 1 meter placed where there is no or blowing of the wind. That maintain a constant value of 1 atm pressure is a environment that can expand and contract freely with respect to the volume of air temperature. Maximum amount of water vapor contained in the air of the unit volume is becoming saturated water vapor content.
Space in the building to treat in the world of architecture and air conditioning (air conditioning) (room) fensa is not in the closed space of the absolute be said to be air-tight. It would be less often outside air and the air in the room is in and out of Always, et al. There must doorway of the human person as long as the live. Some air vents (intake, exhaust) is or may not. There will be air holes of countless invisible to the eye to other. Air can enter and exit This may look like is sealed fensa at first glance. It is possible to crawl into the interior to find all of the air gap head kun so small after all.
(Use absolute temperature to T Note) pV / T = constant value according to the law of Boyle-Charles when T, V, and the p-temperature air (ideal gas) (temperature), volume (volume), fensa pressure (pressure) I hold is. Was fixed at 1 atm pressure of variables p three representing the state of air, v, of the T. State of the air is determined volume is determined by the law of Boyle-Charles If you specify an absolute temperature further. Is determined by the temperature only up to the amount of water vapor contained in the air including moisture and fixed pressure. We shall use the amount of water vapor contained in the moist air per unit weight fensa or unit volume as the unit. State of the air in the open space is determined by the temperature only if you specify the volume. Saturated water vapor per unit volume will be good the next jar. Temperature saturation water vapor content g / m 3 0 4.9 5 6.8 10 9.4 15 12.8 20 17.3 25 23.0 30 30.4 35 39.6 40 51.1 at 1013.25hPa
Saturation water vapor content in the environment of normal people to live is 3 registration 1 per 1g / m when I say it like crude. Grams of temperature fensa and the number is the same in 30g / m 3 approximately 30 . 30 graph of temperature versus saturated water vapor the actual amount of - is (exponential) curve arching through the 30g / m 3, little by little smaller than the number of temperature between 10 from 30 . Become larger than the temperature frequency reduction fensa becomes gentle in from 0 5 . Saturation water vapor content of 0 is about 5g / m 3. Approaches to 40g / m 3 at 35 as early as sharply increased to more than 30 .
Humidity is 80% at 0 temperature. I mean that containing 80% of the saturated water vapor content of the air of 0 temperature and 80% humidity. Therefore (containing water vapor content of the atmosphere of one cubic meter) absolute humidity at that time will be 80% = 3.9g / m 3 4.9 . Amount of water vapor in the atmosphere does not change almost fensa such unintended a turn of the weather, such as rain comes fair weather such as rain will be from sunny up. There is no supply of water vapor to no consumption. I steam amount is remains of 3 3.9g / m air temperature were to rise to 10 . Relative humidity will be 3.9/9.4 = 41% in order to be 9.4g / m 3 saturated water vapor content of 10 . Unlikely that 80 percent humidity at 0 winter temperatures actually Note. I have taken as an example to emphasize that the relative humidity is not deceptive.
Was 10 and the range of variation fensa of temperature here I am is based on the difference of high and low temperatures of the day is about 10 from about 8 . It is next to and extract the data of Okayama live in my science chronology. 1 8.9 1.0 7.9 2 9.4 1.0 8.4 3 12.9 3.8 9.1 4 19.2 9.3 9.9 5 24.1 14.1 10.0 6 27.2 19.1 8.1 7 31.2 23.5 7.7 8 32.1 24.2 7.9 Netsuki maximum fensa temperature minimum fensa temperature differentials month by month average year of highest and lowest temperature of the day Okayama 9 27.7 20.0 7.7 10 22.1 13.4 8.7 11 16.5 7.8 8.7 12 11.4 2.8 8.6 AV 20.2 11.7 8.5
Relative humidity to vary greatly fensa depending fensa on temperature the amount of water vapor per unit volume but does not change it is because the amount fensa of saturated water vapor which is a 100% humidity at each temperature is different. Saturated fensa steam amount is large enough temperature. Moreover, the change will increase fensa exponentially arched rather than linear. Is simply what percent humidity it simply does not make sense. It is not that it shows the wetness If you do not specify at the same time the air temperature and relative humidity. fensa Comparison of humidity has meaning temperature in them is limited both in the same case.
Mechanisms for drying the laundry is as follows. I creating fensa a layer of water vapor on the surface of the garment fensa moisture contained in the garment air in contact with the surface of (1) the laundry is being dried and evaporated. In a state in which a layer of humid air which is made of clothing moisture is evaporated is attached Matowari on the surface of the clothing as a thin skin. It replaces the air with low humidity of the surrounding air layer having a high humidity fensa of thin skin-like with Hebari clothing is being blown (2) when the wind blows. I create a new layer of water steam vapor moisture inside (3) clothing is moved to the surface fensa again. And I repeat that it would be blown away by the wind.
To where it was dry from where it moist move water to try to (penetration). At the same you attempt to move (less) toward low humidity (water vapor) is also high as you (more) from better. I need a moderate wind and humidity that the airing place low laundry to dry. View from being rotated as the merry-go-round in dried fish fishing port close to the winter Come to think of it. That is going Kawakaso quickly that it is against the wind instead of dry matter is prevented from being targeted by the cat. Tumble dryer of coin-operated fensa laundry would also be (hot air yet) wind effect. Http:// mechanism of drying fensa
It is said that influenza is prevalent air dries. I feel that is hard to live virus is rather dry from a harsh environment for the organism. I mount and misunderstanding than a rather convenient for humans prefer that. I think also harsh environment (human body) side beat welcome it if harsh against intruders. I can not get rid of physical fensa strength side to be attacked it from a fight (microorganism, virus, fungus most?) Of What creature has not won the intruder. Be close to an advantageous humidity environment to human side must Ninaru. Both vulnerable to drying and human virus, I misunderstand humans and he could win if 11g / m 3 when both are a tug-of-war.
I know the truth actually influenza virus's weak to strong fensa and awfully wet to dry. Humans strong wet wet weak virus. Humans is advantageous overwhelmingly if wet. It seems not a survival game which is either fensa withstand drier. Will it strong to dry, influenza virus, or will the weak?? fensa The "textbook," fensa influenza virus is weak high temperature and high humidity, low temperature It is resistant to drying, the reverse is the polio virus, like high temperature and humidity, and "weak in low-temperature drying. This is to be expected from seasonal prevalent of the respective virus. However, the term "dry" can be understood in various ways. Virus in a state that has been vacuum freeze "dry" are very stable, it is also considered a state that can be saved permanently. The aerosol influenza virus infection, the water droplets with a diameter less than 150μm is generated from the patient, including viral moisture evaporates in a few seconds "nuclei dried" is formed. A virus is relatively fensa stable in this nucleus. Infection is established relatively fensa large core diameter of 5μm or more is attached fensa to the pharyngeal mucosa. Really (University of the Ryukyus Yamane MakotoHisa) fensa "is not it? - To the dry cold and influenza virus strong -
By the way the amount of saturated water vapor at 10 temperature is 9.4g / m 3 According to the table of temperature by the amount of saturated water vapor at the beginning. Become a 11g / m 3 which is a measure of the influenza epidemic I would be about 13 temperature. I corresponds to a relative humidity of 100% in the temperature and the amount of saturated water vapor. This means that it is inevitable that attacked La influenza virus enters the outdoor fensa fall below 13 temperature. National influenza epidemic prediction ~ mmic / flu / flu-list.htm result of investigation for many years the correlation between fensa the epidemic of influenza and "weather, fensa in Japan absolute humidity (1 cubic was found that influenza begins amount) of water vapor in the air the meter at 11g or less.. epidemic yo have increased humidity 7g below the absolute "
The result is as follows: fensa When the absolute humidity monthly normal value of temperature of Okayama in the science chronology, monthly normal value of relative humidity, from monthly normal value of sea-level fensa pressure. Pressure has little effect. No problem even if the absolute humidity from only temperature and humidity. Absolute humidity % hPa g / m month temperature humidity sea-level pressure (average of 1971-2000) Okayama 3 1 4.8 4.44 2 66 1020.4 1019.4 5.1 64 8.4 63 4.39 3 5.36 4 1018.3 1015.4 14.3 62 7.64 19.0 64 5 1012.3 10.46 6 22.9 71 1008.7 fensa 14.56 7 26.9 74 1008.4 19.01 8 27.9 71 1009.0 19.27 9 23.7 73 1012.3 15.67 10 17.6 69 1017.5 10.38 11 12.1 69 1020.7 7.42 12 7.0 68 1021.5 5.29 AV 15.8 68 1015.3 9.18
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