Saturday, March 15, 2014

- We will not dig down and if we let in seven goals against Canada, so it is not a disaster for Nor

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- We are in still in their own zone and drag the puck back into his own zone. They come at us and forechecker us too. Then we play simple, move the puck a drive and be happy with it, but we should keep the puck and was taken on it, says Johansen online newspaper.
After a great World Cup last year, the expectations of the Norwegian team been shot up before this year's championship. roper washing machine The national team believe this affects the players and asks the Norwegian people and the media to stick your finger in the soil.
- I've been saying all along, "please, roper washing machine insert your finger into the soil." I think it affects the guys when it becomes so solid all the time. It is hard to resist. We are around the team has asked them to be kind and resist.
- We are a hockey nation about you shut the world's biggest winter roper washing machine sports. Last year there was a special World Cup. It does not happen every year, and this pool is rock hard. Upstairs in all the enthusiasm to be a little cautious, so players do not get too much pressure on himself.
- We will not dig down and if we let in seven goals against Canada, so it is not a disaster for Norway, roper washing machine Johansen said, adding that Norway still can not act as the team did in the first period.
- It was higher shoulders today than it should be, yes. Are we afraid of making mistakes, it's silly to keep the puck too long too. It's better to make out the icing to the said Patrick Thoresen online newspaper.
- Today, no one was good and stuck up my nose properly. All see themselves in the mirror, and I think everybody understands. That way we act today is not how we want to appear.
With just over six minutes left to play of the first period did the Canadians to fight for the puck behind the Norwegian cage, before Jeff Skinner roper washing machine poked into 2-0 between the legs of Lars Volden. roper washing machine
Consolation After Taylor Hall had put in another goal for Canada in the second period, got Dusseldorf clear Ken Andre Olimb by inserting a consolation goal for Norway and 5.1.
Here we would like to know what you think about this matter. We would like your full name as it makes the arguments and points of view more interesting. roper washing machine If you have specific reasons to remain anonymous, please post in here and explain why. In exceptional cases we will publish such anonymous posts for editorial editing. Be fair and respectful! Lisbon, London, Editor in Chief
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