Saturday, March 1, 2014

Woolen clothes to get wet in the rain or snow always laundry machine after drying proglačajte. Slid

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Housewives who just wash their clothes themselves can facilitate the job if listen to some advice. Suitable edit the place where ironed; obtain iron that only moisturizes, a place to rinse clothes before ironing; Shake alternately left and right leg (if the iron stand) and straighten it, learn to be ironed sitting; always buy fabrics that are easy to cultivate. It is understandable that we should appreciate nicely ironed shirts, blouses and dresses, and here is truly worth the effort. After washing and ironing clothes should be thoroughly inspected, torn, damaged or without buttons immediately put to the side or in a separate basket for patching and edit the first opportunity. Where ironed
It is good if the warmer time of the year you have the opportunity to iron balcony or terrace. Always iron for by the open window and, if possible, never in the living room because the fine powder that creates the iron later found everywhere - on lamps, books, furniture, carpets. How to iron
Large items (eg sheets and tablecloths) stack in half lengthwise laundry machine and iron for each half of the face - and reverse only if it is really laundry machine necessary. Lay after ironing straight across the table or chair, because it will be so quick to lose heat as a result of iron and ironing board. laundry machine
Woolen clothes to get wet in the rain or snow always laundry machine after drying proglačajte. Slide each subject laundry machine over ironing boards, threw a damp cloth and iron for him at the permitted temperature until almost completely dry. Now only the clothes brush along the length of the fibers, and it will be beautiful.
Although ostensibly become superfluous ironed men's shirts and women's blouses from modern fabrics, whoever wants to be impeccably dressed, does not deny, however, completely ironing. When it comes to mixed fabrics, you must be sure to take care of that iron temperature is not too high. This especially applies to men's shirts and blouses that are made of cotton, synthetic fibers partially.
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