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Serious differences do not exist in both models. Only the consumption suggests slightly different t

The best Siemens tumble dryer in comparison | Washing Machine Comparison & Test | dryer
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A whole series of popular dryer has the classic Siemens on the market. But what is worth the most? A look at three Kondenstrockener from the traditional company calls for a comparison. Top Siemens dryer in comparison
Siemens WT 46 E 304 & Siemens WT 46 E 305 In its facilities, the WT distinguish 46 E 304 and the WT 46 E 305 little from each other. Both models feature the softDry wasvoorschriften drum system with the large stainless wasvoorschriften steel drum, an LC display for remaining time display, an LED display wasvoorschriften for the dry state as well as the usual maintenance instructions. The mentioned softDry wasvoorschriften system operates with a constant air flow and a uniform temperature that is no longer the direction of rotation must be changed as with traditional dryers. Instead, swirling curved tang warm air and distribute the laundry in the drum gently.
All times and special programs can be easily handled with the fully electronic single-button operation. Through the glass door of the views of the drying laundry is possible, the end of the program is indicated by an acoustic signal. The helpful Drum light does not only look nice, but easier on both models taking out the laundry. The drum almost maximum 7kg.
Serious differences do not exist in both models. Only the consumption suggests slightly different to Beech: The WT 46 E 304 uses an average of 3.4 kWh, the WT E 305 on the other hand is one of 3.9 kWh.
For customers wasvoorschriften the dryer from Siemens are solid models that deliver what they promise. If test reports both models rather average rated, customers wasvoorschriften appreciate the reliability of the models and the logical structure of the menus. Your reputation can cost something the company Siemens, which is 305 at around 600 EUR, the 304 around 700 EUR.
Siemens WT 46 E3 M5 With some additional extras of the WT 46 E3 M5 comes along, even if the basic configuration is similar. First, the WT 46 E3 M5 claimed in addition to the features listed in a timeless design as an energy saver. Only 1:35 kWh consumed the model in 112 minutes drying time. Thanks to the energy-saving heat pump technology of Siemens dryer is included in the dryer for extremely rare Class A energy efficiency. Also, some special wasvoorschriften programs are convenient extras. So there are programs for Mix, Outdoor, wool tumble basket, Super 40, blouses / shirts. The 24-end time delay makes the drying process exactly to plan, a feature with which you can remove the laundry as soon as possible and thus wrinkle free and let the missing 304 and 305. In addition, the dry is very quiet, which is a big advantage for installation in the apartment.
Here, this dryer is priced at the same level as the other two Siemens models. With approximately 600 EUR purchase price, the WT 46 E3 M5 therefore worth compared to the other two models already because of the energy savings.
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