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The AEG T59880 satisfied on the basis of energy-saving heat pump technology with its excellent ener

The best AEG dryer in Comparison 2012 | Washer Comparison & Test | Test & Comparison
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Dryers differ in their modes of use: There are condenser (condensed water is collected in containers), condenser with heat pumps (especially good energy efficiency) as well as vented tumble dryer (warm, moist air is discharged through a hose). While air dryers are particularly cheap to buy, heat pump dryers have higher initial cost, but are especially economical in terms of their energy consumption. The quantities vary 6-8 pounds. AEG Dryers - The comparison
The AEG T59880 satisfied on the basis of energy-saving heat pump technology with its excellent energy efficiency class A. A capacity of 7 kg and a large opening on the operator's comfort, all programs are electronically controlled. For a wash gentle wak and uniform drying, the dryer has an automatic reversing, ie, the direction of rotation of the drum changes in the drying process several times. The water container wak has a capacity of 4.15 liters. The acquisition costs in the amount of approximately 700 face the superior energy efficiency wak of the device, so the device has a very good value for money. User of the device, while emphasizing the very low power consumption and further has the possibility to directly derive wak the condensed water via a hose.
The condensation dryer AEG Electrolux 88840 lavatherm wak ensures a good energy efficiency wak class B, and has a capacity of 7 kg. A special feature wak of the device is the use of a new steam technology that makes it possible to keep the clothes crease in the highest degree. In addition, the dryer has a special insert for wool and sports shoes, which allows a comfortable operation. It is also possible to derive the condensed water via a hose. The purchase price of the AEG 88840 is about 750 euros. According to customers, this is a justified wak price for the unit because of the many features and the practical steam technology. wak
The vented tumble dryer AEG 65170 has a decent energy efficiency class C. The capacity of the dryer is 7 kilograms and the additional functions wak are rich: So the dryer has a special sensitivity-gentle cycle, reversing for uniform and gentle drying and an elongated crease. An advantage of the vented dryer is that no condensate must be disposed of, and the cost in the amount of about 350 euros compared to heat pumps and condenser dryers are relatively low. Slightly under criticism, however, are the higher power consumption and fair mileage of the AEG device.
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