Saturday, April 19, 2014

The washing dry box machine dry box Bauknecht WA PLUS 2012 from the current Tchibo preview dry box

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The washer and dryer from Whirlpool from Tchibo preview KW 1 in 2014 are just two of the many Tchibo offers that can facilitate you in the coming year to spring clean the work. Whether Bodenwischer or iron, at Tchibo everything turns off tomorrow at the cleanliness in the home. The top offers are the two washing machines and a dryer from Whirlpool.
The washing dry box machine dry box Bauknecht WA PLUS 2012 from the current Tchibo preview dry box you get from Tuesday already for 399 . The unit is part of the energy efficiency class A + + + for environmentally friendly washing and flings with up to 1400 revolutions per minute. The Bauknecht washing machine Tchibo has a capacity of up to 7 kg and is 60 cm wide, 85 cm high and 58 cm deep.
Would you like a space-saving washing machine, the top loaders from Bauknecht is however the better Tchibo offer for you. For 449, there are only 40 cm wide, 90 cm high and 63 cm deep washing machine from tomorrow. It has a capacity of 6 kg, flings with a maximum of 1200 revolutions per minute and is part of the energy efficiency class A + +. Both Bauknecht washing machines at Tchibo are equipped with many different wash programs Hand wash on Clean + up to short-wash. Then the laundry dry box can then be wonderful tumble Bauknecht TrocknerTK UNIQ 73A DI. The dryer you get in the Tchibo dry box offers for 599 . It belongs to the energy efficiency class A + + and holds about 7 kg of laundry. It was as simple wash ever!
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