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The best Gorenje vaporella dryer in Comparison 2012 | Washer Comparison & Test | dryer
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Clothes dryers are nowadays an integral part of every household more. Were still denounced as power-guzzling luxury goods, the first models about ten to fifteen years ago, the division has resulted in so-called energy efficiency classes mean that everyone can immediately recognize the power needs of a device. The design vaporella of the equipment has become more diverse, are today also sells clothes but in different colors.
Below it comes to tumble dryer of the brand Gorenje. Gorenje for several years know as many cheap quality brand for high quality household appliances. In fact, always go back innovations of the Slovenian companies that worldwide about 11,000 people employed. So loud Brigitte communication vaporella analysis in 2010 the brand equity of Gorenje was significantly increased. With just under three per cent market share Germany is the most important sales market. Tumble dryer of the brand Gorenje
Gorenje D 7664N In the dryer Gorenje surprised again with cutting edge technology at an affordable price. With the D 7664N, a model is offered that the high standards of energy efficiency class A below at low power consumption by 40%. The modern heat pump dryer 7 kg laundry vaporella processed at once. "House and Garden" has ruled in the test of 03/12 with a grade of good (1.6). It was the testers particular attention vaporella to that a particularly uniform smoothing is achieved through new technologies.
Gorenje D 82624 also at particularly high expectations of the loading capacity was thought; as well as 8 kg for drying textiles as for the front loader D 82624 with 117 liters drum volume is not a problem. vaporella Reduced drying vaporella temperature keeps energy consumption to a minimum, and by the LED display vaporella and simple operation using UseLogic the operator about the delay start is additionally facilitated. The specially optimized anti-crease saves valuable time during ironing, because the fibers are already smoothed during the drying process.
Gorenje D 72326 RD Friends of design and color are pleased vaporella to look up: Who has the dreary Unit "White" annoyed in the past in the laundry room, which can now provide the ten boring equipment of neighbors vaporella in a stylish black or exciting red. Because with the condensation dryer D 72326 RD Gorenje also has a colored device in the program, which should put an absolutely reasonable price benchmarks. Behind the entire optical extravagance is a very solid device with 7 kg capacity and delay start, can be exploited with the price-conscious night electricity tariffs hides.
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