Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Save the clothing with a strong color, so you wash in cold water and add 80 ml white vinegar in the

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Beautiful pair of jeans will fade, wash your favorite shirt in January with red wine, and shoes that we bought a few months ago already look old? To not visit boutiques often than necessary and not empty your credit card, learn these few tricks that you can em extend the life of your wardrobe. maytag washer and dryer Prevent bleaching of jeans
How many times have you happened maytag washer and dryer to buy a great pair of jeans and after a few washings, the color to fade? Instead of disappointment, use the trick that will make washing your jeans can last for years.
Before maytag washer and dryer the first wash jeans, dip them in a bowl with the same amount maytag washer and dryer of cold water and white vinegar to fix the color. Before the second washing, re-dip them in jeans weaker solution of water and white vinegar, half an hour before washing in the machine, to keep the freshness of color. The 3 liters of cold water, put 3 deciliters white vinegar or more if you notice that the water is still colored. Most important of all, never forget to flip upside down jeans before washing in the machine. This simple maytag washer and dryer step can mean maintaining the quality of the color, the next few years. Save the clothing that has intense color
Save the clothing with a strong color, so you wash in cold water and add 80 ml white vinegar in the last rinse. Do not worry that the clothes will smell of vinegar. While it dries, it will not be the smell and color will Shine. Remove stubborn stains
Almost any stain can be removed if you respond immediately. Use sparkling water or a mixture of soap and hot water immediately when you poturite something. Unless it is a damn bad spot these tricks should immediately clear. A few drops on hard-line shpirt stain of ink or grass, you do wonder. The spots of orange juice or red wine, try to mix a few tablespoons of baking soda and a little water to form a paste. Rub the stain with the paste and wait to dry the fabric before washing. If the stain is already fixed, it does not dispose of the clothes in the container. Instead, buy paint for painting and following the instructions on the package, bojadisajte your damaged piece of cloth in a darker color. It will look like new and should cover unruly stain. Refresh the outfit with black coffee or tea
Bras is best to hand wash in cold water with pelvis and liquid laundry powder because gentle. If however you decide to wash in the machine, purchase special network for washing bras or simply place them in a pillow case. This method of washing lace bra has become such a crust and will not tear nor straps will stretch. So as not to damage bras, to avoid drought in dryers which due to rapid rotation and the heat would damage the tender material. Keep the look of your shoes
After each wearing your shoes, spend it with a damp cloth. Perhaps this sounds too familiar, but regular removal of dust from the shoes is an essential step to prevent the occurrence of cracks and crack, which then can not be repaired. To maintain maytag washer and dryer the correct shape of shoes and heels, step back enough space on the shelf for shoes to be crushed and crumpled newspaper insert inside. Leather shoes are prone to drying because it regularly cleaned with a damp cloth, wax them with color shoes and often premachkuvajte with baby's milk body to maintain humidity. With good care, your shoes always look

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