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Towards the peak

Towards the peak
I have a VIVAKS the steam ei'm super satisfied with the nejze.Mi DOPAGA which is a bit tricky since these ostanative irons and easier to peglaat alistata. mosa new member Posts: 60 Joined: 03 Feb 2011, 23:53 Him dopaǵa 0 they like: 1
I shall Digestibility all possible companies in the iron and vidovi.So steam, without steam ... neleplivi ... I do not know what. Listen to me! If you want a well groomed alist, one could purchase a 0d classically difficult PEGLI using them as our mothers porano.Den deneska the proziveduvaat and are very very effective Aneta new member Posts: 69 Joined: 06 Nov 2010, 15:47 Him dopaǵa: 0 Im a like me: 1
Since the Quadro steam, super e has a vertical board which is particularly good for poosetlivi fabrics and can be peglaat without doping (thumbsup). No. which must Kai irons I have one question: Do you use distilled water or plain? Jas koristam commonly distilled But soon we are wasting zatoašto siphon cuisine ironing and sometimes almost koristam obična.No'm in a dilemma whether it properly (unsure) Michael Member Posts: 116 Joined: 17 Nov 2009, 16:57 Him dopaǵa 0 they like me: 4
Običnata water can make bigor in iron. I Nekogas koristam prevriena water, so I think that is deposited bigorot the Container. I do not care what others use. I know that from time to time some are putting a mixture of vinegar to dissolve bigorot, the AMA does not know in which proportion. (Confus) Debora Administrator Posts: 13866 Joined: siphon cuisine 22 Sep 2009, 17:24 Him dopaǵa 5728 they like: 3760
I have a steam iron on VIVAX, I we got to veridbata and'm satisfied and I'm not otherwise using salt water t.e.kako iron to steam, but only dry ironing with it? But I can say that I rarely use iron, why have not the needs! siphon cuisine Eve one very useful tip to the site when removing them from alištata Washing machine and put them in the basket, Diplo's MUST! Taka zdiplenite alist will you be as well groomed when you are isušat and will not have the need to waste time in board : and be sure to use omeknuvač! Butterfly guard the treasury forumskata Posts: 3362 Joined: 18 Oct 2010, 20:28 Him dopaǵa 688 they like: 462
I have a steam iron on Mike Silvia. Gift is for the wedding. Rarely ironing with it. And attitudes of ordinary water. 'm Satisfied. Nadja Forum Host Posts: 1278 Joined: 26 Aug 2012, 19:03 Him dopaǵa 15 they like me: 65
I have a steam iron on and use distilled water though'm listening you can and prevriena milicka9283 Regular member Posts: 353 Joined: 12 Aug 2012, 19:59 Location: Skopje Him dopaǵa 33 they like me: 63
I have a TEFAL the money. Epten'm satisfied. Weather on board is reduced to a minimum (thumbsup) Filigree Terrestrial member Posts: 982 Joined: 22 Jul 2012, 15:43 Him dopaǵa 839 they like: 588
Come housewife us what iron you buy? (Rolll) (rolll) (rolll) (rolll) does not have to be Such is, so just be good and to iron and not the beauty that we be and stands (rolll) (rolll) (rolll) (rolll) Happy ^ _ ^ Moderator Posts: 2642 Joined: 28 Mar 2013, 12:47 Him dopaǵa 261 they like 1583
happy I've got one of svekrvami mn mn good old ama ama little iron is heavy, and you I preporacuvam my mother in law has a small philips easy and mn good iron (not on steam) and my house is on the money ... merlin Regular member Posts: 344 Joined: 19 Apr 2013, 14:49 Him dopaǵa 394 they like: 167
For steam, the Tefal. I would not be so menuvala Niedna. Plus i have butterflies. (Rolll) Joy Mighty, brave heart forumsko Posts: 1430 Joined: 23 May 2013, 07:48 Location: Skopje Him dopaǵa 1146 they like 1517
Rowenta the steam, I am very satisfied. It is easy, and many doro iron. Otherwise Use distilled water. Vesela Forum Host Posts: 1831 Joined: 06 Mar 2013 13:00 Location: All around the world :) Him dopaǵa 372 they like: 884
Tefal newest model ..... on steam of course, itself automatically to clean, protects against siphon cuisine bigor .... song is peglanjeto not alters with nothing siphon cuisine (thumbsup) Bob Forum Host Posts: 1105 Joined: 20 Nov 2010, 15 35 Him dopaǵa 1528 they like: 873
TEFAL-I and I have, in my prezadovolna sum.i them I kupiv same Customs Forum Host Posts: 1077 Joined: 20 Jul 2011, 08:21 Location: Skopje Him dopaǵa 255 they like: 357
Definitely you will I am taking such karina :) I watch Bob and Joy I have. There are multiple siphon cuisine models or? :) Happy ^ _ ^ Moderator Posts: 2642 Joined: 28 Mar 2013, 12:47 Him dopaǵa 261 they like 1583
I've got Severin disaster of iron, as the first is easy for many to iron the devils to surf the whole (ner), the steam is ama and attitudes if it is not water that I do not use pareata ceeeelo time system and who

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