Friday, May 30, 2014

Why not in the locker room Certainly many times while you were shopping with your partner you enter

Spice Up your sex life |
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For everyone's sex life would come good little refreshment or at least a few new ideas. If you're bored to always make love in the same way, take matters stackable into their own hands, and certainly partner will be grateful.
Make it Making love on a chair while sitting partner, who sits on a chair may not be the most innovative way, but it is forgotten. Girls enjoy this position because it gives an incredible sense of mastery and control over their partner. stackable
Try washing the girl should sit on the edge of the washer and called his partner, or he needs to know when is the right time to enter the bathroom. Many women who have tried it say that the vibrating machine have brought several orgazami row. Em will wash the clothes, the more you experience the pleasure. Why not try?
Gather courage and do it in the library This is certainly a dream of most men and women. There's something in the environment that causes hormones. This does not mean you have to gave a show to the people stackable in the library, but little foreplay is too much. In each library there is a place rarely stackable visited, right there among the shelves of books, stackable you can share several passionate kisses and touches.
Try and park This does not mean the playground where you can see the children and their parents, but on a secluded bench, away from the eyes of people, where you have privacy. Since partner will strive to be quiet, it will bring additional excitement.
Why not in the locker room Certainly many times while you were shopping with your partner you entered the locker room to try some things. Sex of speed behind the curtains of a locker room is not reserved just for movies, but for couples who need excitement. It is important stackable to begin the important thing is to be quiet.
For and against friendly sex February 26, 2014 | 15:09
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