Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Today weighed 1020g Shaft! This means flag on his table ;). Proud parents of her young son who is growing so well! Now they have also increased the daily matdosen and matdroppet kinks! Axis than long as toknöjd with this. Today was also olle back to us. Finally! As I've missed this wacko in the entire 6 days! Love you so much! Did the world's longest and sweetest hug when he arrived. <3
Modifications guy axle! And understand that it felt good to hold on Olle again. Keep in mind that our small 2012or become so great guys! Hugs to you!
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A small continuation of what I wrote yesterday. I am fully aware that you may weep and you may break down in hard times, but the thing is of course, that there is no crying anymore. That's what I'm afraid of, that the body goes into defense and refuses ...
In my brain it spins constantly with various issues. Questions to be answered, and questions that are impossible to answer. Conscience to make your heart ache with longing and love for her little guy! The head and body are working at full speed despite ...
Yes, I have always said that complicate breastfeeding or that it just becomes a hassle instead of wonderful so I'll ignore it. Did this before Olle also came and now it seems I have come to the end of breastfeeding ... Not that it is malfunctioning or that Axel ...
After an incredibly successful office party yesterday so I pulled Marcus and Olle to nail today and had a cozy family day, but without a family member :/. Today was olles day so we have looked at boats, washing instruction symbols eating ice cream, eyeing on motorbikes and he has received ...
Finally became lekdejten of Olle and Junie! Was all a long time ago. Obviously washing instruction symbols I missed the entire family Öhgren but Olle has really MISSING alldra his best friend! They teased, discussed important topics were a little over toys and beamed he ...
My name is Jenny and I am a young mom living with my partner and wonderful son just outside the Communist Party. Born 19 March-14 a small shaft that was 16 weeks premature. Follow our daily lives and fight with a extremprematurbarn. This summer, I hope we are all
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Latest comments Grief, fear, anxiety can have so many more expressive than mere Tear asunder ... I know exactly what you mean and feel like we've also been ... But what Ahhh nice! Congratulations! :-) Love is so wonderful! & Am ... Haha, gee what weight curve! There lies our little fat boy ... Oh nicest washing instruction symbols little Axel, got all teary-eyed now when I saw the b .. Congratulations to you, soooo romantic! Glad to have a wedding ... Giant congratulations! washing instruction symbols : D Once again Congratulations. They did Marcus right in b .. But my God! Borrow from us!
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