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In the calculation form Linn has enter the content of the feed per kg not per kg DM. Many feed tabl

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I'm starting to get some easy panic face on Friday (hästskötarexamen) because I have forgotten how to calculate diets! We practiced it a lesson in 1an (!). Me and dad have been sitting baskets wholesale for ages and tried without success.
May 30, 2012 at 19:05
Please email if you want help. Are some years ago I did the exam, but the book has left and counting lots of diets, so I can explain a little fast. Otherwise, it is important to train the horse in hand and lunging
If you want to have 11 kg hay, there is always some water in it. Do not know if it says TS% in the hay? If it's dry matter percentage is 84% it means that 14% share is water. To figure out what is not going to take credit (the water), take for example 11 kg hay * 0.84 = 9.24. This means that now is hömängden 9.24 kg after the seafront has been removed.
May 30, 2012 at 19:39
You have slipped a bit off the track on the minerals. to get the horse mineral needs will take you for about MJx0, 4 In your case ie 73.75 0.4 = 29.5 With regard to (p) of phosphorus takes you MJ x0, 3 In your case, ie 73.75 0, 3 = 22.125 You have good ratios of the threat so really you would be able to produce 12 kg and the horse's needs are covered.
and counting, of course, per KG FEED and not per kg DM to make it easy for sig.Enda time you need to have TS content into account is when you factor in how much TS horse gets in sig.Vilket becomes important if you give haylage e.g. which may have different TS content. baskets wholesale and when comparing different grovfoder.Hö usually have 84% which means that it delivers 1.2 kg of forage per 100 kg body weight. Of 11 kg of forage as above, this horse in the 9.2 kg DM per day.
The ratio smbrp and MJ are still low 5 in your case and should be 6 for it to be optimalt.För to increase the quota you need to add some form of proteintillskott.Och when you do that you'll watch again and not mineral ratios stand away. The horse's needs, then covered at 12 kg but the ratio is lower than recommended., You can try to remove a kg and give 11 kg as you touched on, and adjust the ratio by appropriately concentrate resources to cover the needs. Sincerely, / Q
It is important to distinguish between kg feed and kg DM! 11 kg hay with ts 84% gives (11 0.84) = 9.24 kg DM hay Energy becomes the Idealhö / Sports: (9.74 8.0) = 73.92 MJ Plus (9.74 40 ) = 389.6 g smbrp This hay contains a relatively low protein content (Must be at least 6g smbrp / MJ for hay counts as sufficient) This has 40/8, 0 = 5g smbrp / MJ This horse will need some form of protein supplementation ex. Krafft muscle (do not generate as much energy). The horse should also have at least 2kg ts grovfoder/100kg body weight (according to the new guidelines, sooner less than 1kg DM) that is a horse of 550kg must have at least 2 5.5 = 11kg DM roughage. (Ev, one could draw it down to 1.7-1.8 kg DM grovfoder/100kg BW) This horse may only 9.24 kg DM forage. Hope it helped you a bit! Good luck with hästskötarexamen!
When I did that so we do not count, do not think it is very likely that it will, you'll figure out a ration of it raised in hästskötarexamen is very superficial. However, you should keep an eye on things like TS, what are good values for different types of horses, feed grades and what they contain (eg, whether they are rich in protein or energy) grasses and what contains, able to tell the difference between a good , a möglit and a nutrient-poor hay. Train extra on lunging it is the most common male teeth on. Best of luck!
When I did it we did not count ration, baskets wholesale just like frida above. And as she said so train on ts and other values on the hay. Train also on grasses baskets wholesale and on different types of hay. Also on the power stroke, all from sugar beet molasses to black oats. You'll do it with no problems!
In the calculation form Linn has enter the content of the feed per kg not per kg DM. Many feed tables also indicate the contents per kg, not per kg DM. Ts variations are of course very low, making it much easier to count without taking into account the (not quite as accurate but there is very little difference)
Agree with Frida, I can not remember that I had to count ration my hästskötarexamen. And, lunging should baskets wholesale really practice on! When I graduated, it was kind 8 of 10 who flunked, of which the greater part of just lunging. (Check utrsustningen before longerar, test managers usually like to eg turn the bit error or similar). But here I think broadly when I count on horse nutrition: 1. Calculate the horse energy and protein needs (just like you did, maintenance + performance bonus). The benchmark for an adult, normal-performing horse's 6 grams smb.rp / MJ. Second, choose the appropriate forage LEAST cover up the need for maintenance on the first power and the second protein. It does not have to be exact, a certain surplus of energy is usually ok if you do not have an oily / laminitis prone horse. Also, if it gets protein surplus due. protein in roughage so it is not some greater danger: the horse m

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