Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nina and Doris had to say everything to each other. In Taking took to make the purchase, in Taking

Nina and Doris had to say everything to each other. In Taking took to make the purchase, in Taking will begin the housework, in Taking went to sleep the night before, both were correct and they were feeling despair, in Taking the masses will, in what day will sow the vetch, when will cook the cake and roll Christmas, watching on television right place on that particular how to iron evening, what to buy for Christmas how to iron gifts and to whom , what are the plans for the holidays ... Anyway ... as you may find Nina and Doris were informing each other in total and during how to iron this exchange of information was often discussion, deliberation and debate.
But this time there was something different going from brain Nina and Doris. how to iron Both were still in the envelope of Rachel hands, looking pale him, can not believe what a star on or off was held to remember them. Nina, although it was like to feel frightened how to iron girl of 5 years that never got on TV, had a hint of mad excitement. Finally would anyone sees. Finally able to voice her vibrant voice and message passing which can all learn. The foxy have shown it more transparent and wished her appearance on television as a gift is a surprise how to iron hidden f'bajda chocolate. And the surprise was to be even for Doris. Girlfriend decided to heart with her in case anything. Warn to see Can Be You because there will be a story that brings the eye behind the ears and began to imagine Doris, sitting on the sofa, covered with a blanket, keep hot tea mug over and tfettet some rusks through it ... and while having the rusks in mouth see an image of Nina before! The rusks fall from mouth and jillendja in tea, while Doris won by a great curiosity to be managed how to iron tqanqlilha Nina. Doris, looking at the envelope, was going through her mind a hundred thousand view. Did not know what to do and where to get started. She wanted a warm bed still like hedgehog imrekken f'qoxortu, lost in dreams away from everyday reality. Ġietha recalled f'Nina and important question in mind. Nina will be awaiting her in case. And if you want to go with her in case, this time takkompanjaha really important .... because they will appear on television. But Doris did not want it to Nina. Less gives the curious eye of Malta better. Colin had wanted to call and tell him real sick ... sick ... sick to the excitement front of the camera. If Nina was iżżidulha sure. And then decided that with her in case anything. Take surprise and seeing on television. Then her in case it was doing so as they wanted tferraħha ... or something soon. Suddenly realized how much had things to do and x'jippreparaw how to iron evening featuring people in front of everyone. Nina went into the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. Decided to wear just like the day of the wedding. The foxy was asleep in the most remote corner and saw how light and Nina bare teeth shine like polished white tile, move and wrieha was ready for an adventure evening. Then ċemplet swiftly to the hairdresser and asked tagħmillha pleasure and then to tibblowjalha putting her hair. Doris, on the other hand, thrown up in her room and opened the wardrobe to see what you wear. Wanted how to iron to appear neat, żnella and juvenile as possible. Now neither will appear, see how to make and show its best. Would not wear the dress that was żanżnet the wedding because that crack in the side was inappropriate. Eye fell on another dress, without a break, but because it makes it seem more żnella good with meat and it seems so far without losing proper decorum. She calls her-hairdresser, not the same of Nina, and made an appointment quickly. Six and a half until evening, Nina and Doris were prepared to go on Can Be You! Colin was told that the driver will forward to them and did not have iħabblu employed about where is the studio. In six and a half performed for the bell Nina door. Opens March husband and alert before Rajmondo wearing uniform ... ask for Nina. Nina eyes lighted with joy. How far you want to take a photo with him! Unless picked Naxxar fair and rotate how to iron and cementing where stand Can Be You, hoping to take a photo with him but never succeeded. Picked up the camera, which will take it, gave it to her husband, took to Rajmondo from dirgħajh such like will tissekwestrah and daħħlitu in the living room. She seemed to jaqbadha from qaddha and told the man to accelerate and take a photo. These men even dared imeruha. Done exactly

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