Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Everything is very simple - you just need to find what nedicką pebble, a lovely hand and heart, nedicką - that's easy to carry around in my pocket, because it should keep to yourself to keep. Anyway, every time discharged items from pockets in the evening and it is bothering me, or just during the day inadvertent pocket to grasp and remember to think for one second What has're grateful, not only to think - more - išjausti: the sun, the fresh air, loved ones Hugs and smiles for Christmas washing machines Eve dinner and loved ones around the table for your legs, arms and head instead of on the shoulder - for all of those things, which are often the Accept as self conscious and nebesijaučiam appreciated. For all those things we are not joy, happiness and warmth and light.
And the miracle is that such a simple, daily practice will attract into your life more joy, happiness and light. It can even cure serious diseases, as well as running the main law of the universe - the law of attraction (the law of attraction).

احمد خلیلی آخرین پست ها Holiday greetings and gratitude Pebble Szeretetbefőtt ... Ajándék Marikának washing machines (nekem :)) Gyümölcsös marzipan bonbon Dóritól growing is forever Serenity Játék 12 Eve ..... Karácsonyra hangolva ... Mit kértetek? Kindness Boomerang / Kindness chain from Gibraltar dreams :) A Sárkány csókja Illatok ... لیست آخرین پستها نویسندگان
POWERED BY M Ihanus B LOG.COM Smashing Theme is created by:

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