Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Squats: 20 kg 20 x 1 30 kg 12 x 1 40 kg 10 x 1 50 kg 8 x 1 60 kg, 4 1 65 kg, 1 1 (pb) 70 kg 1

Squats: 20 kg 20 x 1 30 kg 12 x 1 40 kg 10 x 1 50 kg 8 x 1 60 kg, 4 1 65 kg, 1 1 (pb) 70 kg 1 1 (Pb) of 60 kg, 4 1:40 a.m. kg 10 x 1 20 kg 20 1
Hello! I have a question concerning raspberries, and if you could take the time and answer that it would be so nice. I buy ICA frozen raspberries (250g) and when I read the content reads it like per 100g: Energy ohtv 200 kJ / 45kcal, 1g protein, 7g carbohydrates, of which sugars 6g, fat 0.5g, Saturated Fat 0g, fiber 7.5g, salt 0g. What I wonder is if it is bad to eat them raspberry considering sugars? Is there added sugar or is it like that sugar is "natural" in the raspberries? Eat a little more than 2 cups raspberries every snack with 2 cups plain yogurt ohtv 3 times a day and would rather get in me so good things as possible if you understand! :) I have also another question and that is if you know why hallo's nutritional content varies so much? Sometimes it reads like this per 100g: 30kcal, protein 1g, 6g carbs, fat 0.5 g Another is how per 100g (solid then Ica basics 500g): 40kcal, fat 0.5g, Saturated Fat 0g, carbohydrate 5.4 g, of which sugars 3.4g, fiber 3.4g, 1g protein, 0g salt. Thanks for a great blog!
Hi Ida! I love to drink ProViva and drink 2 glasses a day. I drink about 2.5 liters of water as well. But what are the healthier alternative than ProViva? Sometimes I presses the juice itself but the time I did not do before school. What do you usually drink? ohtv Juice and stuff contains ohtv the sugar :)
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