Sunday, June 29, 2014

The designer insisted today that consumer awareness of the environment and care is increasingly enh

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The ball can be put into the basket of dirty clothes and laundry without removing the basket, clean. Wash the ball in the "Luna" is called a spherical electrostatic machines. "Juan Camilo Rstrvpv Vylamyzar" Pvntyfyka maytag dryer Bvlyvaryana University and host of the plan says on the idea of clothes into the washing machine does not need to be thrown in the washing machine, the clothes are dirty. He claims maytag dryer that using this method, not only for consumers but also for the environment wash very helpful.
The designer insisted today that consumer awareness of the environment and care is increasingly enhanced. The world consumption of electricity and water, reduces the time and effort necessary to optimize the care of cloth and wash clothing reduces.
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