Sunday, June 15, 2014

Total sumarum; feel good but it is heavy at times. Troubled hard to turn over in bed at night, best

Jahopp. It is approaching! Fläskat on me a little more, but still pleased that there have been more than it has been in recent weeks. Now it's not very becoming made out of the most necessary that job and so, and then it will be like this! ;) Picture Proof then. With the world's best photographer haha, it began in the couch.
Total sumarum; feel good but it is heavy at times. Troubled hard to turn over in bed at night, best iron it cuts down in the groin area between the legs .. But now it's two days left job then I will not have (vi) the load anyway, best iron yeyy!
2014 (193) June (16) May (30) April (41) Happiness is when you find remnants of Saturday the candy in v. .. Today's woodworking Rufus is in heaven! I in my simplicity think Tuija'll invite me to b .. Dad 60 years April 26, 2014! N fixes the audio out on the patio! best iron A little (or maybe a lot) Porch images Lunch and refreshments at Matilda! The feeling when you realize that one of the few vacant place ... V. 34, +17.3 kg. That is. This view makes me happy to the core ... Ready for the day! No rest here not :) Absolutely amazing weather! Sitting and trying to keep cool by me in this Easter-ness ... We and friends inaugurates the patio and grill! Dad and Joel visiting the sun this lovely anna ... I and my normal siblings :) Mom is resting and dad doing carpentry fence to katte ... Easter grilling best iron with Dad! Catching up coffee m Tuija! The mother is in arbeit! best iron First day off from work, I'll pick out nimble ... Ramat into first images ever of Lill-plutten .... New pillows and blankets! Joel has finalized a ladder best iron to me! N have fun with my camera ... Last day on the job! And WHERE burst the other pants in the same model so ... V. 32, +15.1 kg. Smudgy afternoon best iron snack Opening of new Friskis in Eskilstuna with a pass ... Brunch m Tuija! Terrace-recoating! Lying and resting on the couch We live in the desert! Now I think that all my (type 2 haha) readers ... Shareholders coffee-table! Elliots namngivelse-present, made by me :) Here you will find Rufus the mornings Daddy o N packs plank to dad's new patio. J. .. How in meth your mother x 2nd March (28) February (38) January (40) 2013 (346) December (18) November (15) October (18) September ( 18) August (18) July (16) June (27) May (32) April (33) March (43) February (56) January (52) 2012 (120) December ( 49) November (45) October (26)

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