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After that, the second is an application, the hottest clips in this period. And with neither side h

If one image can represent a thousand words. Video, it would represent the people. To share photos via social networking tobiwan is an activity that has been started. Of Internet users over the past year. But after this, it seems that still might not be enough to tell stories and interests. And when combined with other factors, such as mobile Internet are cheaper, and with more speed. It makes sharing short clips gently. Popular until today there are two major competitors to watch, that is the owner of Vine and Instagram is that Twitter and facebook, respectively.
Vine is an application sharing video clips are owned by Twitter has been initially launched in the iOS operating system in January tobiwan of the past. The advantage is that users can record short video clips no longer than 6 seconds, Share it, well when there was a good response, so developers have released a version for Android 4.0 on the month of June. It has been revealed that the version of Windows Phone 8 is currently under development as well.
The Vine interface was designed with simplicity worthy under the supervision of Twitter when it opens it will find a list of the clips that have been revine (like retweet) by the development team. To show those clips do during this time. We can hit like Revine comment or to indulge. In addition, it can be seen that the clips. Will start playing automatically and when finished it will restart loop indefinitely as GIF images, which in itself is dominated by enabling users to create video clips of themselves endlessly, and is the same as a new tool for marketers lead. application
Right top of the screen you will see a video camera icon. It was here that the fun of directing a short clip begins. How to take it easy, just put a finger to poke the screen you will see a green bar at the top running the length of time taken to tell. Users can release the button to stop recording. Changing the camera angle Then shoot at any time. Additionally it also offers tobiwan additional functions to switch to the front camera. Table 9 shows the intersection in order to compose more convenient. The focus The icon shows a picture of spirits the last frame of the previous clip. To be able to shoot the Stop Motion is simple enough.
Upon successful completion of Will be presented with a screen that allows you to share short narrative. About the Video Add place taken Added to the "channel" (channel), which is an option for a clip of us so that others can more easily find it. Would then have the option tobiwan to post it to any. Currently, there are three options: Vine, facebook and Twitter, the only one who wanted to keep it for yourself and do not want to post any press releases from Apple at all. The video clips are stored on the phone already.
Return to the start screen again. House icon on the left to find that, when pressed, it will find an option that says Explore, which is the hallmark of the Vine because it would show clips of various categories. To go to the hospitable range from humor, beauty, pets, food, music, etc. It also has a button to see clips Popular tobiwan is gaining popularity as one of the top now, and On the Rise, the clips are. climbed strength And indispensable, it is a search box that can be used to find both the username tobiwan and tag (tag) as we want.
I do not know whether it is accidental or intentional. Because in the same month as the release version for Android Vine out that facebook has developed Instagram to shoot a short video as well. How to use it, just go to the one used for recording. To the right of the picture will take you to the video camera icon when you press it, it goes into video mode immediately. How to save a little different from the Vine is to press the red button to record only. If you click on the screen to adjust tobiwan focus. Make it more convenient Vine to focus before pressing the button. When satisfied, press Cancel tobiwan to save the next and also Instagram latest version also allows users to upload clips that were shot before with other apps to customize more to post next Unlike Vine can not. can Increases the flexibility during use as much defeats tobiwan ever.
The most distinctive feature of Instagram Vine is compared to the length of video that can be recorded, which can be up to 15 seconds tobiwan while only 6 seconds Vine, we can save more into the story again. You can also filter the video is the same as in photo mode. Help make a difference to each clip, not all the same. And the most interesting is the cinema mode or vibration that can be set up, use it after the clip finished, including Cover Frame to allow the user to select a frame anywhere within the clip as a default image for the clip. Timeline is shown on the next, it is the shared functions that give us a short description of the clip to place and Photo Map for the record that we shot this clip at any of the district. And the sharing to social networks such as facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare tobiwan and email.
After that, the second is an application, the hottest clips in this period. And with neither side has rigged the social network holds the record as the shift was made to keep track of who was who was the response of most consumers. Although the core of both is to shoot short video clips. It has quite a bit different.
Began taking steps to allow the.

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