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Hi Bio9Man, Chamber of Commerce has no Office Location yet since it

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Due clothes drying rack to the recent comment on of our guest commenter Sir Mai Escalante, we performed more research regarding the proposed SM Mall in cadiz which we earlier announced as “rumors” of an SM Savemore.
We learned from Mr. Escalante that it is SM Hypermart, which is the sweet and short SM Hypermarket Chain of SM Supermalls. It is larger clothes drying rack than SM Savemore as mentioned and researching the general size of this mall, it falls in between the size of an SM City and an SM Savemore.
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jpeters says:
cadiznon says:
Will sure do once we have acquired list of job openings from the local chamber and dole office. Your question for the job hiring for SM has already been posted yesterday before you commented. Check the latest posts.
Kitkat says:
I’ve clothes drying rack heard job application for SM hypermarket are submitted to DOLE office, and they will conduct interviews tomorrow. How true? Because this website as I’ve clothes drying rack read the application is still on hold. Please post for an update. Thanks
Savemore maliit lang yan, pero okay na yan na magkaron sa isang city, kaso kawawa naman yung mga maliliit ng business dyan lalo na grocery stores….pero good luck cadiz ibalik natin ang saya at pagkakaisa sa lugar natin, kaso kaya nga magulo at di umaasinso clothes drying rack ang bayan natin dahil sa mga ibang mga politiko walang iniisip sarili nilang bulsa.
emy says:
sheryl says:
Ria says:
Hi, We have yet to receive information of rental charges inside savemore, but we have a few investment options you can take a look at by visiting our recently being formed Cadiz City Chamber of Commerce…
Hi sa diid makita ang Cadiz City Chamber of Commerce? And tani makakuha ka man idea kun pila and rental/sqm sa SM? I heard that the management will visit next week and talk about the rental or business opportunity in there. mas maau tani kun may lay out ka sang savemore diri sa website mo.
Hi Bio9Man, Chamber of Commerce has no Office Location yet since it’s a newly formed group. Please clothes drying rack contact us using our contact form so we can send you contact information and you can let us know your intentions privately.
cadiznon says:
Although we appreciate your comments and we like Free Speech and expressions, clothes drying rack please refrain from using foul language in this site. This site is about the people clothes drying rack of Cadiz and Cadiz in General, and not about the Government. Thanks!
**** says:
bacolods eye view says:
LasalleBacolod says:
i am very happy that at the small city on Cadiz they could have tha SM at their city..i am sure it should creat job around the city and it can help the people around to have a decent jobs for there future Go go go Cadiz! more power
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