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Persian date Esfand 1392

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So be aware of improper use of a washing machine, producing germs and help prevent endangering the health of family members. The following are some errors that are committed by women in the car. 1) Many people when washing clothes and linens, underwear also throw into the washing machine. laundry bin The doctor thinks that Charles Jabra, a professor of microbiology laundry bin at the University of Arizona, one of the main sources of microbes in moist and packed, clothes are as follows. So along with the rest of the clothes washing machine will not chamber. In addition, it is likely that the infection spread to other clothes to wear and cause irritation or even infection of the genital tract provided. So underwear with hot water and mild detergent wash and dry in direct sunlight. 2) Many women make the color and quality laundry bin sheets, pillowcases and bed covers to keep them in the washing machine with warm water and wash away. While Robert Vytz microbiologist believes pillowcases and bedspread, one of the best areas to create and maintain a dust allergy are. So should all sleep products at least once every two weeks away fast car or a hot water rinse thoroughly and for the allergens that can prevent dust these products away from inside laundry bin the house, dry . 3) It is rare that the proliferation of mold in dry conditions, but always damp areas, suitable for various types of mold are Tvlyd and proliferation. Dealing with this mold, the body also cause itchy eyes, wheezing and congestion in people. It would be more widespread, especially in people laundry bin with allergies. So to prevent proliferation and production of mold in washing machine, After washing, leave it fully open until the car is completely out of steam and air. In addition to the rubber off with a dry cloth. 4) If the washer is placed inside the dressing room, you know you are prone to skin diseases. Allergens shower curtains, clothing and accessories such fibers laundry bin are transferred into the bath, and the result is nothing but skin diseases. Washing machines should be put in an environment like the kitchen to be able to finish after washing, window air and vapors laundry bin to exit again to leave the clothes. This way you can prevent the proliferation of mold and fungi. 5) skin Some women are allergic to certain detergents. It is therefore possible that imaginators the clothes should be washed in the washing machine with the same material, it does not hurt them, but researchers laundry bin believe that if Washington School sensitive skin, Nbaydaz it in the washing machine is also used because of the sensitive skin All body is transferred. The use of scented softener and detergents for washing clothes for people with asthma and allergies and is not suitable for babies and children should wash them by hand with a mild detergent. 6) One of the mistakes committed by most housewives because they are busy, drop off laundry in the washing machine after the work is completed. Sure, these people do not stay more than 30 minutes of wet clothes inside the machine is equal to the product of bacteria, mold and allergens. So when you are at home and you have a chance, the washing machine and turn the end of the wash without spaces, clothes strewn on. 7) humidity, sweat and dirt and microbes produce influence their dirty clothes into the laundry. So sit clothes for the weekend, do not accumulate inside the machine indoors. laundry bin Fill the machine with dirty clothes of the common mistakes that many women, especially those who are committed laundry bin Shaghlnd. Tiny germs in Compartment penetrate clothing and the opportunity to work and begin to see and understand without you, you and your family are in the underlying disease. 8) If you've just returned from a trip or climbing and so tired that you can not wash your dirty muddy shoes, it is better for them to be in the corner of the room or yard until fatigue Dravrdyd after a few hours to They come and go. I toss them into the washing machine to get out of your head because it hides dirt and microbes in mud shoes, may have later down inside the washing machine into your clothes displaying penetrate said.
Persian date Esfand 1392
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