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thumbsup: What was the inspiration to start my own business? Sam: I like working here One thing tha

Today we have an exclusive interview from Startup to have joined the project again by JFDI Startup is called ... STYLHUNT Today we are going to talk to you Surachai TG. Prom Tuk or Sam STYLHUNT CEO of a social search stores in the world, whether it is Facebook, and Instagram has made shoppers. People online find what they want easily enough.
thumbsup: I introduce myself videocon washing machine and brief history. Prior to starting STYLHUNT Sam: Surachai Valley Prom, bad or hard to Thailand, but I was born and raised in America, and with the parents as the real Thailand. But moving to a foreign country videocon washing machine during the time I was growing up. I was raised hybrid between East and West. I completed a Bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, a Master of Business Administration (International) Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University.
Working life was divided into 2 sessions on the first half of his life working in Silicon videocon washing machine Valley is the manager, I have managed many aspects. The technical, engineering, sales, marketing, product management. And HR at Silicon Valley, I have experience in marketing videocon washing machine strategy for businesses worldwide is worth over 100 million dollars. But also a pioneer in the development stage products and new number is the new 20, which through the process of developing products and are released to the international market the 2nd half of his working life starting. Thailand I was one of the co-founders of Groupon Thailand, and after I had joined the company Lyreco (a European based company) portfolio of my work is awarded Sales Director award winning contestants from. 27 Countries
thumbsup: What was the inspiration to start my own business? Sam: I like working here One thing that turns me on is seeing the "development" in terms of human resources, process implementation and startup culture for me is to express the appreciation of those things very well.
When I worked at Groupon I received from you Peerapol, Mr. Pete General Pen mat, and you echo honor. Movie supakig (New operators. Who have experience in sales through eBay eBay Power Sellers) for consultation on the establishment of business and find investors. Although we have not worked together, but from talking to that time, and several times later, I think this is the team I wanted to work with. Because they have the skills on the job, are committed, creative and critical "love" videocon washing machine in the work done at a later time, we have to Savant's Thunderbolt software developers. With the ability to join the team. I have confidence in this team very much. Until the end of 2556, I decided that from January 2557 onwards. I have served in positions CEO STYLHUNT infrastructures.
thumbsup: STYLHUNT is? What was the inspiration to do this business? And featured a different from other services is? Sam: I think we need to explain STYLHUNT understanding the characteristics of online shopping market in India and other countries. First in the Southeast The difference is that most people buy from the store on Facebook and Instagram, not by e-commerce websites also online shops over 1000 shops have. Not invest in SEO, making it difficult to discover these online stores is the Search Engine we tested by asking buyers shop search through Google, and found that buyers need to click more than 500 times to find stores. Although only one store only that store, the store will be one of the top 20 famous on the phase of any country.
STYLHUNT reduces the search time from over 500 to just 2 clicks, we gather in one place to shop. Organized into categories by type And sorted by the number videocon washing machine of Likes This way not only the level of popular stores. It also shows the credibility videocon washing machine of the store as well. Reliability is considered videocon washing machine to be important for the client in the transaction, the bank transfer videocon washing machine and delivery. We believe that this service will help to support e-commerce industry in Thailand, particularly because the millions of online shoppers videocon washing machine will be able to discover these shops easily. It is an interesting subject and is proud of our over 30 stores on Facebook videocon washing machine (in the category of clothing alone) we gather now has a high number of Likes 100,000 - 1,300,000 likes.
thumbsup: help Share Your Business videocon washing machine Model that look like? Sam: We are not like Google is Search Engine for stores and fashion brands. From the perspective of marketing and channels that we offer is considered more efficient because of our Users Group Online shoppers are accustomed to order via the Internet already. The presentation of products through our channel, thereby increasing the opportunity to expand their customer base, build a customer relationship management (CRM) and make the brand more recognizable (brand awareness).
thumbsup: In the next 2 years, how do you plan to approach the service STYLHUNT? Sam: Our plan is to be the first choice for online videocon washing machine shoppers in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam in search instead of Google products, our vision is. Featured a combination of Google, Yelp, Pinterest, Tinder, and Alibaba in Stylhunt to us as the best online shopping not only in India but abroad as well.
thumbsup: What are the barriers or challenges you encounter. videocon washing machine And a solution, how? Sam: Challenge of t

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