Thursday, July 3, 2014

Washable Headphones resistance to a depth of one meter, the company

Farnt reports quoting Gyzmvdv many headset or headphone personal device such as a toothbrush, but still there are people who are sharing without regard to the issue of the. Aside from these things, cleaning the ear or your headphones Tvashghalhayy it has been stuck in Zabavr Sometimes it counts.
Rational design of Pioneer's engineers were aware of the torture and neglect others that the new model of headphones full washability your headphones have added their company so you can not even your headphones to take the washing of machines!
Washable Headphones resistance to a depth of one meter, the company's water-resistant and beat the heat and water resistant your home washing machine! However, we recommend the hot water resistance to be more careful srware iron and take extra care to practice.
These headphones wireless headphones is the world's smallest! ...
If I could sound quality of this headset a good buy. Thy Iran Is there anywhere Ake's Buying? Kindly guide
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