Thursday, July 31, 2014

Young readers Today you check the number on Instagram Follower few times and today you can post new

Young readers Today you check the number on Instagram Follower few times and today you can post news, gossip or press LIKE A new update. Of times to friends many times. Who We believe that at least 2 -3 times to me today because the young group. This is a group of users to make social networking truly grow up.
The results of the study by Finances Online zanussi gathers data from Pew, Neilsen and Burst Media found that women like us. More likely to use social zanussi networks zanussi than men. And use social networking with a variety zanussi than males, too. The social network zanussi is one of the very popular Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, they are all users are women, zanussi more than men, too.
The social network Pinterest has been very popular among girls. Of the report found that 33% of girls in the adult is using Pinterest, while men only 8% use Pinterest The usage of both sexes are different, then how to use. and females also differ as well.
The female is more likely to interact with brands. Through various social networking Than male Over half of the girls. Use social zanussi networking to interact with brands. They prefer While less than half of men use social networking to interact with brands. Also, women are also very popular exposure via social networks as well as 58% of active zanussi users, Facebook is female. A group of users who consume news through Facebook regularly. While Facebook users are male only 43% on their News Feed to receive information.
There is only one social networking platform users are mostly male-oriented social network LinkedIn is the creation of the Connecticut action. To the The report zanussi found that 24% of males use social networking platforms such, and only 19% of females only. To use social networking platforms such.
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