Sunday, August 3, 2014

11th. Study other photographers. By taking a little time and money to find time to see the image. T

12 beautiful photography by SMARTPHONE |
"Cyber-shot" of the current how to dry clean at home smartphones are developing steadily. Making it possible to shoot more beautiful and crisp. In addition, the ability of the camera, we also have to have the technique of taking pictures with him, the picture came out pretty well the light through 100 channels, so today we bring your technical Hernandez come together how to dry clean at home to try to do. a photography technique that relies on techniques how to dry clean at home out what.
Two. NOT use the zoom function how to dry clean at home of your phone. how to dry clean at home If this is the first time that It is possible that there will be mistakes and bad shots occurred. If you want to get a close up. The zooming with your feet. Drew closer how to dry clean at home The more so the quality is good.
3. Filter can not replace a good eye you have. "You also need a basic" look to the light and if you want to add color, sepia, black, white or other, should be chosen later. (Using the Instagram app or otherwise) does not matter, but should remember that. "Whether you are applying lipstick to a pig. Anyway, it was a pig anyway, "similar expressions, Thailand at that. "I was a check box. Never a Swan, "but if it is done for communication, but then he would do if he took the filter out.
5. Edit edit and edit refrain how to dry clean at home mind to share pictures with all of you. Posts only select the best images, those images will be more appreciated. "They did not want to see either. 10000 Children's ugly as your man, "but" I try to pick the least ugly things "which it is difficult how to dry clean at home to choose and was very private.
7th. Lock the exposure and focus. Your photos will be up 100% with your camera by tapping and holding the screen to set the exposure when the shutter how to dry clean at home is locked up one time and focus. There are also many apps that can set the exposure and focus.
. 8 shooting from the hip is a candid how to dry clean at home photo, the better to hold it at hip level and hit the shot to me. Friends and family will know that you are recording them. But if there is little washing consciously. Realism is diminished. And will make a bad picture. When you get a good picture, though only one image is enough to take it proud and sundry to see.
. 9 goals and deadlines for yourself, try shooting 20 pictures of objects just one piece with a different away. Will see the world differently. Even just walking around the bowl of fruit on your kitchen table. You notice the light coming from different angles. To make sense of the images varies.
10th., You have to feel what you want. Before you see it By making a list of what you want to be taken today and search out them. Hernandez said that if you know how to work me. You know, I usually first on the list of the men in fedoras, hats, hat or anything else.
11th. Study other photographers. By taking a little time and money to find time to see the image. This is a way to make the humble themselves better. The image of the photographer's favorite. Happy to see our favorite shots in the image on instagram or pictures how to dry clean at home of them our friends.
12th. Always ready Make sure you are ready when the mind and heart, you say, "shoot", you will have no excuse that I Oh! The camera is still in my pocket, or I do not have a camera because I carry it all the time not. And this is what makes love for photography with mobile phone with us all the time.
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