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Ago, the team was presented thumbsupTH news Funded Startup those of both Thailand and foreign inter

Ago, the team was presented thumbsupTH news Funded Startup those of both Thailand and foreign interest. Whether it is the Ookbee funded in Series B or later aCommerce recently announced a Series A funding level of capital in the United States. Today, we are introduced to the funded level. Better too ...
One of the key goals of the Startup live steam is to Exit may be a way to Acquire from big companies. Try an IPO is full to the capital market. But of course, to go to that level. Your Company continues to move forward. There is a growing need And things like that, it is an investment that is many levels. And we get to know the different stages. Those amounts, the better the meaning and purpose of receiving those funds. live steam
Seed Fund for scholarships for the purpose for Startup Companies often have to figure out the product. live steam Or create an initial live steam market Usually around the Seed Fund is suitable for companies with few employees. And by many to be the founder of the company. Are just beginning to build and launch the first product to come out. If the product has gained popularity. It is a sign to the Series A-level further.
The money required for the Seed Fund is in the range between 2.5 lakh to 2 million U.S. dollars (about 8 million to 66 million baht), live steam but most of us tend to see the level of support live steam Seed Fund is spending no more. One million dollars (about 33 million baht), and people often tend to be funding these groups or group Angel Early Stage VC.
Level of support for the Series A round, it can be seen in the groups with higher capital requirements. For various purposes, such as Startup wants to launch or expand distribution to a wider customer base. Or to expand into new markets. Including the business model to suit the market is big. Or the wider
Of course, the Series A Seed Fund is above the levels means higher spending to support it as well. Spending will exceed $ 2 million (about 66 million live steam baht), up to 15 million U.S. dollars (approximately $ 5 million baht), but most of them are average of 3-7 million U.S. dollars (approximately 1 to 2.3. hundred million baht) for the example we are. People know very well who had received grants in this round of the Benchmark provides support with Uber and Instagram (before they were bought out by Facebook will be worth nearly a billion dollars or 3.3 billion baht).
And to provide funding with spending levels. Would not just Angel unusual because money seems to be a large corporation, only the VC firm huge Sequoia, A16Z, Benchmark, Accel, Greylock, Battery, CRV, Matrix and other companies, but was that the Angel will not be eligible. to support it That they group together into Angel funding, it might be possible as well. Only the power in the negotiation of this group may not be as big companies only.
Reached a higher live steam level to the next level with the Series B spending enormous excess of ten million dollars (about 330 million baht) to the main purpose. Would be to expand the size of the company when the time is appropriate. Or it may be possible to expand the customer base to grow on a larger scale than the country or region. Including the need to bring money to buy companies that are involved in or related to the business of the company.
In the past we've seen Ookbee is spending 200 million baht from Trancosmos live steam or be Rovio self-owned game hit Angry Birds has been supported by the Group Accel with amounts as high as 40. million U.S. dollars live steam (about 1.3 billion baht) by providing financial support at this level, there is not much. This is a group company with the same level of support, including the company's Series A IVP, GVVC, Meritech, DAG, and many companies are starting to have to support this level as well.
Series C levels are often encouraged to focus on its superior level of such Series B went a step further accelerate its growth even more. Heading to the international market. Including the buy out other companies similar to Series B, but are much more concentrated.
The funds may also be eligible live steam for up to one hundred million dollars (about 3.3 billion baht) or above ever. And companies to support this level of spending it. Often the bulk of capital is often invested by the organization as a group of hedge funds, private equity firm. Our company name is familiar. live steam Ear the Group Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, DST, Tiger and bank investments.
Although the numbers may not be exact to support various levels. And in each region may have a different meaning to me. But all this is what the team used to tell the Startup Thailand has additional reference data. Thumbsup last team was asked to cheer on all the Startup Thailand, we are still side by side. It is part of the support to lead to mutual success to me.
10 years experience in telecommunication live steam business, specialize in customer experience management and call center operation. Rungroj also passionate about how social technologies shape human interaction via social media. He is a co-author of "Marketing 2.0 and 2.1 - Social Media Marketing" and author of many best-selling mobile phone guidebook in Thailand.

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