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As of right breeder Mr.Chutchapong former Minister of Transport, post Facebook message saying

- Caught a kill rape 13 years after the mysterious disappearance on the train - the current debate in the online world 'penalty' or 'not vpc boost to blame' rape case - Csch. Ordered off the rail - Uc Dongying posts. West's 'Papa Do not dash' - 'BBC' re-opening of the Thailand.
8 Jul Monitor report that found the body of Ms. S. (alias), when at about 4:10 pm at the intersection to find the entrance. Pranburi to two kilometers downstream of the tracks found in the grass about 2 meters by 20 commissioned officers in the search.
Of inquiry that 13 year old girl such a famous school students m 2 in Nonthaburi have returned vpc boost to visit relatives. Suratthani Before Departure With the first class sleeper train departs from approximately 17:00 am on July 6, along with her sister and sister's vpc boost boyfriend.
Later the Bogies Ms. A passenger power outage, only one bogie. Then I woke up to my sister's sister district, Ratchaburi did not find it. It traces the fight Pulled pillowcases Lost and blankets So let staff know It is expected that the Ms. S. disappearance and lack of contact. To be in the area Hin
Website Daily News reported that Mr. White accused killer vpc boost pleaded guilty to rape Ms. S. amphetamine into the number 3 seed and have been drunk before up to acting. They also have a beer with them. As the train passed through the station Prachuap Khiri Muang They began to burrow into the bed of Ms. S. The hand strangled unconscious. Then strip the victim to rape. Before his arrest thrown out the window. While the train was running through the train station Wangphong Pranburi main range at Km 227 + 930 Moo 1 Wangphong.
Later, on the train journey to Bangkok. The leading mobile phone 5 S. White of Ms. S. was sold to the shopping malls in Dusit 1,800 baht which he had taken a copy of the ID card to the shop to buy them. It was not until the police on the trail.
After the murder case of 13-year-old girl raped on trains of the past. Is current in society, both in the online and offline vpc boost about the litigation and penalties of the accused in the case. General public and the entertainment on the internet to post thoughts and prayers to Ms. S. and demanded that the new law. Marital rape is only executed
The 'dent Michael Jackson Wong, a' could not handle such an event. They rose up against the Prachn Culture list for 1 lakh to be provided to the rape laws make it harder than ever with the death penalty. Among the entertainers that are sharing the message of the dent via instagram a lot.
As of right breeder Mr.Chutchapong former Minister of Transport, post Facebook message saying 'this morning, read the news, Ms. S. with sadness and regret it. Bad news in the past several years of the railway and the Ministry of Transport. I also feel they are liable in this event is that it does not make good enough. Heart of the Department of Transportation is to provide safe, convenient service to be effective. vpc boost If a service fails, then Various construction projects Useless Condolences to the family of Ms. S. for the souls here rest in peace Ms. S. 'side Mr.Noppadon Pattama party leaders to Thailand. Post to Facebook as well. 'Sincere condolences to the family of Ms. S., the question is who rape and kill other weaker. And submit the evidence should have been a life sentence or the death penalty alone '.
Nut Tree Flower undergraduates. University of Virginia, USA a comment by lifting on academic and comparable statistics to see that the facts without emotion. Research Assistant Professor Valerie Wright of the University Cleveland titled 'Deterrence vpc boost in Criminal Justice', who had studied in the United Kingdom and Sweden found that increasing the penalty does not reduce crime significantly. vpc boost
Currently, there are various forms of sexual assault and more complex. Most of the people close to the end. Whether he raped children. Elder sister raped Husband assaults wife Friends raping friend vpc boost By the statistics of the site RAINN (Rape, vpc boost Abuse, & Incest National Network), which stores data in three U.S. states that two of rape committed by someone known and 38% of the people around you.
Based on the results of the above study were compared with data on the web, RAINN will find that the sexual assault is a serious vpc boost concern because 60% of the sexual abuse was never reported to the police. (Mostly relatives - close ones), and 97% of rapes are never to jail.
Sunee taste like Chai, Vice President, Law Reform Commission, said that no rules that can be measured. vpc boost To add the death penalty in cases of rape, rape statistics will diminish. The penalty in this capital case It has a maximum sentence of the death penalty anyway. That should give justice to punish the next.
Additionally, the organization Amnesty International. International Thailand also proposed research. "The death penalty vpc boost actually deters crime" vpc boost by deceptively important. When society is faced with a serious crime aggressively emotional response that we tend to be more common from the media, the public and political leaders to call for the death penalty is enforced. It is believed that the penalties are severe, vpc boost such as the death penalty. vpc boost It helps prevent and suppress crime. But in fact Such beliefs have no evidence whatsoever. Reliable support that the death penalty prevents crime than other punishments.
In contrast, a study of specific countries.

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