Thursday, August 28, 2014

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The WiFi technology has spread far and very quickly, so we are writing a series of articles on this technology. presser Most current routers feature a WPS button called. Let's see who is and who serves.
The initials are the acronym WPS Wifi Protected Setup, which is just a standard to connect to our router via wifi. As we all know, when we want to connect to a router for Internet presser access, we initially match us to it entering the key you have. WPS is all much easier. presser
There are three possible scenarios: Press WPS on the router and searching for wifi networks on our device, which can be any laptop, tablet or phone that is compatible with the technology. Selected the router and voila, no need to type any key. Some devices also have their own WPS button, com as printers, access presser points or repeaters presser wifi. So we must press the first button presser on the router and then on the device and this simple way and will be paired. If the connecting device does not support WPS, routers usually have a pin code. So, instead of entering the WPA or WEP password, which is usually more complex, we only enter the pin. The problem is the pin router makes our most vulnerable and therefore our network.
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