Friday, August 1, 2014

INSTAGRAM (as of January 2557), Thailand

Thailand has recognized the current news and information from Social Network multiple channels, each of them may have access to multi-channel Social Network reason. Each friend using different Social Network. Included in each channel Restrictions on the use of different and Social Network ironing board covers of those that have been most popular. Maybe it was inevitable that Facebook is one area that can bring together people of all ages. All ages to use as possible. Due to the shared data. Through other channels, it is often a shared continuity to Facebook at the same time. Technicians equation with the social media reality.
Each channel Users will be very few in number, while Facebook is not the same people posting on Twitter drunken fun food can be a time of loneliness. Desolate tweets from many people was. These are linked to the daily life of the works.
FACEBOOK (Data as of February 2557), there are about 26 million Facebook users have access to a 85% and another 15% are rarely used as they should. A survey of users Facebook 9,450 people found that these people have a habit of sharing the most, accounting for 57% in the check-in about 33%, posting or messages with attachments Link 5%, by VIDEO 3%. Status and post only 2%, respectively, at about 14:00 am, a golden moment to post something out. Always have been, in various forms, maximum (Engagement) men often share photos of Instagram to Facebook most about 70%, and an Youtube around 18% and Twitter, ironing board covers only 12% women often share photos of Instagram to Facebook. most about 86%, and an estimated 9% Youtube and Twitter are only 5% only.
TWITTER (as of December 2556), Thailand has about 4.5 million Twitter users, but only 39% who use it regularly. And I have the 61% range at about 09:00-10:00 hrs at the most tweets with over 436,000 posts.
INSTAGRAM (as of January 2557), Thailand's User Instagram approx 1.6 million people have access to on a regular basis, only 48% longer to play at 52% during this time that I have been Engagement highest will be divided. by user People generally use very well in the 11:00 am Celebrity Most often used range from 9.00 Influencer have access to the very latest in the range 6.00
YOUTUBE (data as of January 2557) to Thailand have posted video clips of around 2.98 million in 2013, Thailand's most popular video uploaded in Youtube Channel at 16:00 to 16:59 pm, with the highest number of visitors GMM. GRAMMY OFFICIAL visitors around. The RS Friends 1,765,158,849 991,940,889 visitors about the We Love Kamikaze is about 820,094,393 visitors owners.
But linking user behavior Social Network will have an effect on the brand. Depending on the strategies and methods of communication, but do not plan it. The target audience of the brand Each business has a different behavior from the Infographic below, it is very useful ironing board covers to online marketers.
Tweet June 26, 2014
Tweet July 28, 2014
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