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Institute of Chinese home appliance built off network last 373 washing machine on the market to tes

Institute of Chinese home appliance built off network last 373 washing machine on the market to test data, currently on the market 6A total of 52 models of washing machine, accounted for 14% of the total, of which there are 46 sets of rollers; 5A washing machine has 81 units, accounting for 21% of the total, of which there are 59 sets of rollers; 4A washing machine has 67 units, accounting for 18% of the total, of which there are 22 sets of rollers; 3A washing machine has 62 units, accounting for 16% of the total, of which there are 12 sets of rollers; 1A washing machine has 76 units, accounting for 20% of the total, of which there are four sets of rollers; substandard product has 41 units. "We are pleased to see that, 6A team in household washing washing line post machines has grown rapidly improve the technological content of the washing machine." National Quality washing line post Supervision and Inspection washing line post Center of household appliances, director Lu Jianguo told reporters, but that does not mean that consumers must buy washing machine in the all-around product.
March 1, 2004, "the national washing line post standard household electric washing machines washing line post GB / T4288-2003" began, washing line post in accordance washing line post with the standard cleaning rate, energy, water, noise, moisture, trouble-free operation of six indicators, washing machine washing line post rating put into the washing machine in descending order A, B, C, D4 levels. Which companies more washing products meet Class A, it means that more of its washing machine technology has the leadership, washing line post which reached 6 A description of the product on six indicators are in a leading washing line post position. But there is some good speculation once 6A companies use the concept of a big fuss, and some businesses have seen more easily recognized by consumers A word signs, so there has been a lot of pseudo-6A, pseudo-5A's fish products on the market. washing line post
Lu Jianguo said that the reason there are pseudo-6A, washing line post pseudo-5A washing machine, because many of the cover-up at work. First, the detection mechanism selectively led to detection methods are not standardized, some detection mechanism in the detection of six indicators when not all programs detect, but a program to detect only one indicator, other indicators negligible. For example, in a program, although wash ratio reaches A, but water-saving rate of only D, the next will be the opposite situation occurs when the detection saving rate; Second, detection of Chinese home appliance Institute, the noise index There are two, namely noise wash and dehydration noise, some companies in the publicity will be counted as two noise indicators washing line post A, so 5A becomes 6A.
According to the performance indicators for the washing machine and classification of the product, this is the time for consumers to buy products washing line post provide a reference. D level above product is qualified. 6A product is certainly worth promoting, but because of its investment washing line post in technology, materials and other aspects are high, so the price is bound to remain high. Meanwhile, consumer demand is vastly different, so it should be more quality products to meet consumer demand in the market. For example, some people than in terms of cleaning required for washing machines, you need more than the recommended to wash them as A-class products; tariff expensive and consumers are more concerned about dryland water consumption, Similarly, in Class A on this project will be welcomed. Therefore, companies only 6A product labeling is not enough, there are a lot 4A, 3A, 1A product also requires companies to local conditions, vary in propaganda work, after all, is the main force in the low-end products on the market.
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