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My D-link Dir615 has that WPS button to add customers a quick way to Router-Wifi though and if I sa

A failure of the WPS standard, designed damprid for new clients to easily associate an access point allows access to WiFi network using brute force with positive results in less than two hours. A wide range of models are affected routers and so far the only solution is to disable WPS.
The problem is one of the four methods provides WPS to accept new clients. Although the best known is the WPS button, damprid there are other parallel damprid authentication systems. Specifically, is the PIN method that can be used to gain access to the WiFi network.
With this system, the customer who wants to partner sends a PIN number consists of 8 digits. When a client sends an incorrect PIN, the access point replies with an EAP-NACK message. As there is no mechanism to limit the attempts, this system is susceptible to attack by brute force, trying every possible combination. The problem is compounded because, Stefan damprid discovered Viehböck, the access point responds with EAP-NACK to send only the first four digits of the PIN, without entering the remaining four, which reduces the combinations of 100 million only 20,000, who stay at 11,000 when you consider that the last digit is just a checksum.
Most existing WiFi router come with active WPS standard. Viehböck Stefan confirms that the problem affects numerous models, including brands such as Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link and ZyXEL.
Although Stefan has not yet released the code, have already damprid appeared the first fragments that try to exploit this vulnerability. It takes days to appear applications that automate the task. The only solution at the moment, while manufacturers damprid publish firmwares to mitigate the problem is to disable WPS.
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BocaDePez damprid 29 December 2011 at 23:27 3 BocaDePez 31 December 2011 at 17:50
I could not tell if the "majority" come with WPA standard, but if you have noticed an increase networking with standard name (which could be associated with settings untouched) with WPA. I know that correlation does not imply causation, but ...
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My D-link Dir615 has that WPS button to add customers a quick way to Router-Wifi though and if I say the truth I have never used because I am one of those who do things as before.
BocaDePez 30 December damprid 2011 at 12:47
I am, I was writing from the TV ... I've never found useful, the button brings a light (orange or green) and nothing else try it and see what I deactivated did nothing. The DHCP, I removed it just in case, much better for me to have three pots set manually (and not use a Class C network).
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I found it funny about "I hit a button with a green or orange damprid light, and seeing that he did nothing, so I deactivated". That's engineering spirit twice. First to touch a button to see what it was only because I had lights, and second to shut down to not see that did nothing (I say of good cheer, I have done the same).
# 318220 where radius server damprid is one that is quite crap: D
Nothing to disable WPS. I recently I went to ustilizar with a print server but that did not funcioba me or backward. So I gave up, at least for now, and added it ethernet cable. As soon as I get home I desactivaré the WPS and to give sausage.
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