Monday, August 18, 2014

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Connect your Android to a WIFI network; manually or by WPS | I have an Android | Tips | Tutorials | News
The first way is the best known by people, is by manually entering softronic the network password, to realize it you have to follow these simple steps: Head to Settings. Select the WIFI option. Slide the button on the top to turn the WIFI and available networks will be displayed. Select the network you want to connect. Enter the network password and press the button to connect.
The other way is to connect WPS without elaborating on its definition will share them only facilitates the connection of devices to the network, because many times the security network password contains many characters and can make mistakes when we write or simply want inserting save labor; you just have to see if our modem has a WPS button
To connect to the network through WPS from your phone or tablet Android follow these simple steps: Sign in to turn on WIFI (follow the steps outlined above 1,2,3) Press the Menu button on your phone or tablet (left button in the cell) From the options select WPS button a message will appear where you must press the WPS button on the modem must wait to make the connection
NOTE: On some devices or tablets the menu is not displayed, so you must follow the following steps: Press the WPS button on the modem Select Network Select Show advanced options in the option select the option WPS Push Button Press the Set button Connect and expect it to perform softronic successfully the Connection softronic
Hi Osvaldo, I am grateful for the synthetic and understandable information on this topic, especially for those who manage these computer concepts with difficulty. I wanted to talk to you about my concern: I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand (Android 4.2.2) and fitted out three days a Wi-fi network in my home. At first, my cell is easily connected (following the typical password entry, etc. step), but until yesterday the connection began to fail. My cell remains connected to the Wi-fi network softronic just a few minutes (the connection icon tells me that indeed is connected but the pages do not load). In desperation softronic and asking about the theme of "button" WPS agreed to its pulsation (but now I do not know how convenient it was, because I worry some important settings have changed both the router and the PC and my cell, which It was "related" through "touch softronic WPS") option. My question is this, does the WPS (which translates to a light sometimes flash on the router) option ensures the solution of the problem of connecting my smartphone to the network? Thank you very much. Greetings and a big hug from Argentina. softronic
ӏn the worԁs of Jack Kerouac:. "It is not what you write, it's the way you write it" Well, you do it increԀibly well I can not decide if I Should share thiѕ wеƄsite with my buddies or ҟeep it as my very ѕecret own private ...
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