Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our newly released GB/T4288-2003

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Our newly released GB/T4288-2003 "household washing basket electric washing machine" is a specification and classification, in accordance with the wash ratio, energy, water, noise, moisture content, life six indicators, washing machine stop rating, the washing washing basket machine washing basket is divided into A , B, C, D four grades. A representative of the international advanced level degree; class B represents the advanced degree; C-level representatives of the domestic moderate; D level representatives of domestic ordinary degree. D-class products below will not be sold. Washing washing basket machine industry from the late 1970s, starting in China, the rapid growth in the 1980s, the late 1980s to the late 1990s, the slow detour washing basket 90s carried out, the experience of a good life cycle. Washing machine in a relatively mature industry, its marketing strategy in order to transcend a price war early. And tacitly adopt technological innovation, washing basket market segmentation, and industrial design to stop competing, it is these international competition in the market corresponding washing basket strategic way so that the domestic washing machine market matures. Compared with the 1992 implementation of national standards, the new national standard increased water consumption limit values and limit values, it also introduced at a certain level to make the whole washing machine industry standards to guide the consumer response to energy-saving washing basket trend. As the six indicators saving, water-saving and other technically mutually limited, making it impossible to render the same product at the same time have the situation six A's, when consumers buy washing machines, according to the special needs of the individual washing basket can be plenty to formulate purchase I program and select a suitable product. Gold washing machine repair article taken from:
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