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Taringa! inside

How to turn Chrome into "multi"
Taringa! inside
(. Domingo to 15 hours telephone rings, a client) - Hello.
Both situations, among many other threads as read by the ... and you did not answer me of WhatsApp are a kind of classic modernity in which we are immersed. At least I and II situations can be solved with a button, but I could not exist if Milote hung out a little less.
And that PBC is one of those little gems that are starting to bring "new" routers for some time. Actually it's not so new, but at least the low end (ie those in the 90% of households) and are bringing in a not much.
The "button" grid PBC shares with other forms of "entering a router without knowing the password" ranging from a PIN to NFC. The truth is that WPS is an unsafe standard from conception to technically, at least as far as the PIN method is concerned. Anyway, most routers 24 hour laundromat can choose the "method" and the button is the safest, in the insecure (something 24 hour laundromat like living 24 hour laundromat in Puerto Madero).
Pressing the WPS what we do is "disable" encryption of the network and allow any device to connect to the router 24 hour laundromat for 2 minutes. The concept is simple and was created for visitors who want a home internet and who knows the password is missing or similar situations. The OS Modern's detected that the network supports PBC and warns us that we can go to the router press the button, it's fantastic, although obviously the key is to have physical access to the router so the neighbors do not pay, or passed by scanning the network waiting for someone to press a button or good, get internet.
To many it may seem a little uncertain, but the fact is that, with few exceptions, 24 hour laundromat the system is fantastic. Allowing reassure 24 hour laundromat a network but with a "changüi" to the forgetful because ... nobody 24 hours a day scanning WiFi networks to see if the neighbor PBC press the button when someone comes along who wants internet not remember the password is passed, thing that can happen hopefully, 1 time a week.
23,553 24 hour laundromat
WDS for newbies
It's great the little button before did not have it in the router than my old, and we live 2000 miles away, luckily my memory something banking and provided 24 hour laundromat me the right, there is also a backup I got out there the key but better for anyone to come is tell it to connect, that gives the "botonito" and ready.
Best would be to invent a way to "easily" show password on a computer that already belongs to the network. Something like And obviously 24 hour laundromat you can not enter if you're not already part of the network.
It sounds very useful but what page is the equivalent piece of paper with the password written in some conspicuous place set. Perhaps what could be is on the website of some cuadrito router where one could write a password hint as in the beginning of Win; But the password ... just go to a page that has a predetermined route mmm I do not think che
Sergio, do not you think? To view If you should already be on the network, that is, you've had ... the password would be the equivalent to check the saved but easier and standardized password. The piece of paper in a visible location can be seen by anyone passing, you need not be part of the network, it is very different.
That's great, but if you already got a laptop / computer network, 24 hour laundromat you notice that the password is already entered and ready ... do not give so complicated ... click on the network properties, Show password ...
That wonderful wps protocol, that wondrous vulnerability that allowed me to get wpa2 passwords in less than 4 hours: P Above almost all ruter fibertel wifi, telephone arnet and bring them on by default. Just have to get reaver in your favorite linux distro, put the board in monitor 24 hour laundromat mode lucky if you got the key out in less than an hour.
NO cable modems Fibertel 24 hour laundromat bring WPS enabled, if you find any, is because the homeowner so it resets. For the rest, totally agree, it seems very wrong who are inviting 24 hour laundromat a broken protocol enabled, is to suggest to the readers of alt-tab as using WEP encryption method. To use WPS or WEP, do not use anything, it may sound a bit pessimistic, but it's reality. Then do not complain saying they stole the intimate and other video;) 24 hour laundromat
Precisely because it says things like "martemars" OpenWRT firmware brings not activated or configured by default the WPS. Same with UPnP. At first I missed the little button functionality but now I use it to turn on / off WiFi.
Martemars confirm what he says, the WPS has a

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