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At about the same time to take place breakthrough in the field of space tourism associated with the

Ideas that will determine our future
Scientists believe that the year 2030 will soon make some important discoveries. Not later to appear and contact lenses with Internet access. Prototype of such a device which the University of Washington professor Babak A. Parviz. Interview hampered with The Times, he explained that the image will be formed against the eye, using a semi-transparent, non-interference vision LEDs. The device will be able to recognize faces, automatically translate foreign languages hampered and provide other information to the visual field.
To buy a spare part is expected that at the time of purchase will be free of various human body spare parts. " Today scientists make artificial hampered cartilage, bones, skin, ears, nose, blood vessels, heart valves, bladder and trachea. This is done as follows: the spongy plastic base inoculated cells taken from the patient's body. As the publication told Dr. Anthony Atala of Wak Forest University, plus a catalyst for growth, the cells begin to proliferate, and the base is slowly absorbed. ADVERTISING For advertising ...
By 2030, we will be telepathic mankind, possibly pay communicate hampered telepathically. hampered Today paralyzed people Implantable microcircuits in the brain and thoughts through them taught to write emails, play video games, roam the Internet. Honda Corporation engineers have developed the same principle guided robot. Kendrick Key of the University of California, Berkeley, hampered whose thinking vocabulary. "It may be that soon it will be possible to restore the human experience hampered of the visible image simply by measuring brain activity", - he said.
Will resurrect extinct animals Chances are that by the year 2070 will be able to return to life išmirusius animals' - M. Kaku continues. Professionals have managed to clone an animal by DNA samples taken from the animal's remains 25 years after his death. There is already decrypted Neanderthal genome and environment scientists talk about the prospects for this type of recovery. "I think this will be possible when we have the tools necessary to perform genetic manipulations. In theory, these tools sooner hampered or later we will have. The only question is whether it should be done "- hampered sheds light on the essence of the discussion, Robert Lanza of corporations Advanced Cell Technology.
By the year 2100, scientists can come true the dream of "programmable matter," the contours of the objects can be changed in a similar way as did the robot in the movie "Terminator 2." Today, we will create a special pin-head hampered sized microcircuits called KATOMA. By changing the electrical charge they can regroup and acquire this piece of paper, the cup, the forks, the plates hampered form. The author dreams of a time when you press the button to shoot up the entire city in the desert. "
Cancer will be defeated Mankind's possible that overcomes cancer. M. Kaku, these hopes for breakthrough in the field of diagnostic DNA microcircuits will identify early-stage disease. In the fight against cancer cells (the word "tumor" at the time of the English language will be extinct, hampered believe it) will be released in the form of nanoparticles smart "bombs" with the pilot already exist. ADVERTISING For advertising ...
Mimic the robots Rodney Brooks of the Massachusetts hampered Institute of Technology in the year 2100 is to "mingle with robots." "After 50 years, we have become the radical changes in the human body to witness the use of genetic modification - predicts expert. - We no longer limit the Darwinian hampered theory of evolution ... By the year 2100, in our daily lives come highly intelligent robots. We will not be separated from them - quickly become hampered part of the same robots and will be associated with them. "
XXII century. achievements XXII century. beginning to be developed hampered spacecraft fit to travel to the stars, scientists expect. hampered It may be that in the beginning it will be a small, fingernail-sized, but very fast, able to move close to the speed of light computers. Millions of them can be sent into space.
At about the same time to take place breakthrough in the field of space tourism associated with the creation of a space elevator. It is expected that this invention hampered is one hundred times lower cargo delivery to the Earth's orbit around the price, and space travel will become available to the average statistical person.
Cabin in the sky caused by the thousands of kilometers of rope that holds the centrifugal hampered force resulting from turning the Earth. Hope this project gave the recently discovered carbon nanotubes.
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