Monday, September 15, 2014

Biggest facepalm in the world. You

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# 80 with a home-made thaibizpost filter purified terms salinity vandesi? Surely the logic nesueina .O Giel water stocks is not lowered by the addition of water less, just a lot of contamination, in less Sudu is poured into rivers and lakes, it will evaporate the water .O He too, and not even the rain would not .Jaigu Global warming much water to evaporate, it is an incredible storm, and begin a long lion.
But some of them come off it exactly. Pamąstykit would last. In a video they did not say that the water has completely disappeared. Remained in the oceans, but again - the ocean salinity is 33-37 . Here unrealistically large, try to wash your face with what you will see the waters of the Atlantic and the blackness of the skin salts. And the cost of drinking water into a cruel lot. Once someone mentioned that a lot of water in the form of ice. This vat, so that if people can continue to not give a shit on climate change, then these glaciers will disappear, and they will turn into the same saline ocean. The more so that the water level will rise and the water becomes more saline thaibizpost because salt will be washed out of the ground. Due to increasing carbon dioxide in the ozone layer kiekiol all out-of thaibizpost UVA and evaporating thaibizpost water no longer clouds. Although thaibizpost the clouds there would be no benefit because the same rain will turn into carbon dioxide acid rain. It is time to became an issue, geniuses.
Surely after so many years will not be like this, because we are taught are smart people, but Deje away the exact number of people seeking less rich Waikerie neither attend because they know that money, I think maybe 1000 may be wiskas the like :)
: D I will not say anything: D ......: D
Now as the head of a donkey. Think about PHYSICS !!! Energy does not come from nowhere, and I will not go anywhere! Like the water. He remains on land just constantly circulates the kind of heating system. Where you think the water disappears when we drink it? Passed through our body and disposed of it again becomes thaibizpost a vapor into a liquid concentrate afterwards and asking again rain. As lakes and so on. In one word nebesvaikit. And cry for global warming. Spain seems to be a good snow.
Biggest facepalm in the world. You're thinking that it lowered vandeneli disappear for ever? Hur hur. We use fantastically 3% fresh water, what to talk about clean oceans and seas? Ends gelas will use the seas and oceans thaibizpost jopigmat.
Compelling appeared ...
I px after me while the plague;]
# 41 small movies look.
I agree with # 37, in 2070 there will be more and more of the wizarding school of magic at Hogwarts only to eventually open a Vilnius University Magic section and we'll have the first Lithuanian nationality magician who will be elected president. Later will be dismissed from the post of president of the magical counterfeiting (which did not know of it is made, even though it really thaibizpost was very easy) and then our former magician / President dim 1.2-liter of 2002 whiskey (in those days there skaitysis old and expensive whiskey) and burn half of city dwellers (about 4 million)., and Kaunas all. Klaipeda is the capital and Valdas Adamkus has once again become president because he is immortal. Thank you for your attention.
the water will not go away. just when Sils climate, glaciers melt, it will be even more. drinking water and missing only in countries where the population thaibizpost is much too large compared to the resources. You mean with the growing popularity of pederasty, the number thaibizpost of people in the middle of this century to stabilize
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