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Dabartistams-Divergentams necessary to examine whether maytag dryer the conclusions to be drawn, th

Once upon a time we believed that university graduates receive a diploma and be able to find a good job and be at peace until the end of life. Once upon a time this was true, but now - not our children know that. The current model of education emerged during the industrial revolution, so the school was created by the factory type: bell - the lesson begins, the call - the lesson ends. Only now beginning to understand that the industrial approach to education is out of date. To go in the future maytag dryer based on the experiences of the 19th century - at the very least impractical.
"Probably no one would risk forecasting beyond maytag dryer five years in advance, but, after all, our duty - to prepare children to live in that world. Futures the world about which we know only that it will be similar to the current" - says Ken Robinson, an international iri expert strategist and creative thinking in the education fields. maytag dryer
Technological and economic changes maytag dryer are accelerating. In 1957, the first consisting of 500 of the largest corporations in the list ("Standard & Poor's) in 1997 was still only 74 kompanijos.O 2020, experts believe, the list will be 75 per cent of the company, which today do not know. Many of them engage in a business that does not exist today. Epoch is over - the system remains
That ... the education system, which now persistently trying to reform in all industrialized countries, maytag dryer was introduced in the late 18th century - early 19th century to meet the needs of the era (industrial, some 80 per cent. Work was done by hand, and 20 per cent. - Mind) needs. Epoch is over.
Today, the world is turning active businesses related to intellectual work: various forms of art, programming, science and technology. In these areas, the most valued ideas. Many countries are beginning to realize that their future economic well-being depends on the flow of innovation, and the ability to think creatively is becoming more important than formal education.
7-8 decade, we believed that if well learn at school, a university graduate will receive a diploma, then you can find a good job with good earnings and be quiet until the end of life. Then the story was true, but now - not, and the kids know it.
The ranks of the unemployed university graduates is increasing. Yes, they can find a job, but it may not match their education. maytag dryer And it's not their problem. This is a traditional academic education issue diplomas inflation. maytag dryer
If you look at a typical school schedule, we will see the most of the disciplines that are useful when viewed from an economic point (math, science, word is, you might need in life "), but nobody really knows what the economic situation, even at the end of the week. Meanwhile, the creative disciplines of education or even abandoned or converted into an optional basis.
If you ask people ... how to adjust the paper clip, many of them with 15-20 options. Just invented some 200 - more pasitikslindami, can achieve by that clip 200 meters in height, to be rubber, etc. The more questions - the higher divergent thinking.
Divergence (Lat. Divergentia - release) - direction of flow bifurcation) is the creative maytag dryer part of its essence - the ability to see lots of one way of solving the task. This is one of many interpretations of the theme.
What is the basis for thinking? Imagination. Imagining what is not, what could be. It is imagination that fundamentally distinguishes us from other living creatures. Many creatures sing - but they do not create the wonderful operas. Most of the running - but does not organize the Olympic Games.
Between children of different ages perform tests showed that the older the child, the lower the divergentiškumas. Since 98 percent of preschoolers it drops to 10 percent of adolescents., Continues to shrink. Older than 25 years, people have just a 2 percent. It turns out that a priceless maytag dryer gift that we have received from nature, is wasted. Instead, have your arsenal of examinations, tests and experience in completing a set of classical knowledge - what is called education. Hyperactivity myth
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Dabartistams-Divergentams necessary to examine whether maytag dryer the conclusions to be drawn, the difference will be like tomorrow. The author tries to bring the rams and wolves. Wolves do not have minded ram - and therefore the education maytag dryer system, based on facts-DABARTISTINE, and so the conclusion paragraph at the end of the 'school graduates do not have the inclination to innovation, know how to work in teams and are unable maytag dryer to communicate effectively. " The basic idea ipersama maytag dryer that the AV

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